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‘Protection Against Lethal Infections’: Researchers Say They Can Help Prevent Severe Effects Of Coronavirus

A team of researchers in Louisiana has proposed a method of combating the coronavirus: issuing booster doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, CNN reported. The MMR vaccine is a “live vaccine,” using highly weakened versions of the measles, mumps and rubella viruses to provide protection to the immune system that goes beyond just the injected viruses. The MMR ...

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Media Outlets Band Together, Give AG Barr A Roadmap Showing How Google Is Allegedly Crushing Journalism

A group representing thousands of media outlets wants the Department of Justice to consider Google’s negative impact on journalism as the agency continues its antitrust investigation targeting the tech giant. The News Media Alliance gave Attorney General William Barr a report Thursday highlighting how Google is allegedly using its dominant position online to hollow out the news industry. Google allegedly ...

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Massive Plot Stole Data From Google Users Who Downloaded Free Add-Ons To Chrome Web Browsers: Report

A massive spyware effort targeted users of Google’s Chrome web browser extensions downloaded tens of millions of times, Reuters reported Thursday. The people responsible for the spyware attacked users through 32 million downloads of extensions to Google’s web browser, and collected browsing history and other user data, researchers at Awake Security told Reuters. Google removed more than 70 malicious extensions ...

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Twitter Hires Ex-FBI Lawyer Who Played Key Role In Probe Of Trump Campaign

Twitter has hired former FBI general counsel James Baker, the firm announced Monday.  Baker was the FBI’s top lawyer during Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation into the Trump campaign.  In that role, Baker supported the decision to obtain surveillance warrants against Carter Page. A Justice Department watchdog has found that the FBI improperly relied on the Steele dossier in order to ...

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Zoom Announces Plan To Block Individual Users In China After Beijing Complains: Report

Video conferencing company Zoom announced Friday it is developing technology that can block individual users in China from video calls at the request of Beijing, the Financial Times reported. The tech company is “developing technology over the next several days that will enable us to remove or block at the participant level based on geography,” Zoom said in a statement, ...

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Biden Asks Supporters To Help Him ‘Fix Facebook To Protect Democracy And Beat Trump’

Former Vice President Joe Biden asked his Twitter followers Thursday to help him protect democracy and his own presidential campaign from the social media misinformation that he believes allowed President Donald Trump to win the presidency in 2016. Social media platforms’ decision to allow disinformation to run “rampant” negatively impacted the Democratic Party in 2016, Biden told his Twitter followers ...

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Microsoft Says It Won’t Sell Its Facial Recognition Tech To Police Without Federal Regulation

Microsoft Corporation refused today to sell its facial recognition technology to police departments until government regulations guarantee its “ethical use.” Microsoft currently doesn’t sell facial recognition technology to police and confirmed this policy will continue until legislation “grounded in human rights,” is passed, Microsoft President Brad Smith said at a Washington Post live event. WATCH: Microsoft president @BradSmi says the ...

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China Attacks: Zoom Targets Activist Group That Held An Event Commemorating The Tiananmen Square Massacre

Video conferencing company Zoom removed a group of Chinese activists shortly after they held a meeting on the platform marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Axios reported Wednesday. Activist Zhou Fengsuo, a former student leader of the Tiananmen protests in 1989, organized the May 31 event through a paid Zoom account associated with a nonprofit group he founded ...

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Twitter Provides No Explanation After Censoring GOP Candidate Rich McCormick Twice In One Week

Twitter said it mistakenly censored a tweet from House Republican candidate Rich McCormick Tuesday, the day of the Georgia primary election, less than a week after the social media platform disabled another video of the military veteran. Users were unable to watch a video McCormick tweeted Tuesday showing images of him on the campaign trail if they were not logged ...

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Biden Spent $1.6 Million In One Day On Facebook Ads Condemning Trump For Fanning The ‘Flames Of White Supremacy’

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign poured more than $1 million into Facebook ads in one day skewering President Donald Trump for fanning the flames of hatred amid protests over police brutality. The presumptive Democratic nominee spent roughly the same amount of money in less than a week on Facebook as he did throughout the last year of his campaign, ...

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Censorship, Antitrust Probes: Big Tech Is Back To Fighting Familiar Foes After Taking On Coronavirus

SillyCon Valley Resistance - A.F. Branco political cartoon

Big tech companies are facing criticism on antitrust issues, claims of censorship, and other serious problems less than three months after government officials asked them for help stemming the flow of a virus pandemic.  President Donald Trump signed an executive order that could seriously curb Twitter’s business model after the company censored him, and Amazon is facing calls for CEO ...

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Reddit Co-Founder Quits Board, Requests Black Replacement

Alexis Ohanian resigned from Reddit’s board on Friday, saying that he wanted to be replaced by a black candidate. Ohanian, who founded the popular news aggregation and forum site in 2005, posted a video on Twitter explaining his decision to step down. “I’m doing this for me, my family, and for my country,” Ohanian says. pic.twitter.com/k8Xkj15uaN — Alexis Ohanian Sr. ...

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Zuckerberg Reportedly Defends Move Not To Nix Trump’s ‘THUGS’ Post, Leans On Free Speech Principles

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly pushed back Tuesday against company employees who lashed out at him for not nixing a post on President Donald Trump’s profile calling rioters “THUGS.” Facebook’s adherence to free speech principles “show that the right action where we are right now is to leave this up,” he said during a question and answer session on a ...

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Twitter, Reddit Fight State Dept’s Order Requiring Visa Applicants To Detail Their Social Media Handles

Twitter and Reddit filed an amicus brief last week in support of a lawsuit challenging federal rules requiring visa applicants to register their social media handles with the United States government. The amicus brief supports a lawsuit the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University filed in 2019 after the State Department instituted the rule, which reportedly impacts roughly 14.7 million ...

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Watch: SpaceX to Make Second Attempt at First Manned Mission to Space from U.S. Soil in Over a Decade – 5/30/20

After standing down from launch on Saturday, May 27 due to weather, SpaceX is now targeting Saturday, May 30 for Falcon 9’s launch of Crew Dragon’s second demonstration (Demo-2) mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board the Dragon spacecraft will return ...

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