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FCC Chairman Asks Apple to Turn on FM Radio Chips in iPhones

Apple logo

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai urged Apple on Thursday to activate FM radio receiver chips in iPhones to assist those during and after natural disasters. “It is time for Apple to step up to the plate and put the safety of the American people first,” Pai said. Apple is the last of the major phone manufacturers to leave the ...

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WATCH: See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps) [video]

See through suppressor in super slow motion

Youtuber Destin of “Smarter Every Day” used his super high-speed cameras to show just what happens inside a firearm suppressor by filming a see-thru suppressor at 110,000 frames per second. Stunning visuals show just how they capture the gasses that make firearm reports so loud and what happens when things don’t work as expected – all in super slo-mo. Want ...

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How the Massive Equifax Data Breach Happened

How the Massive Equifax Data Breach Happened

There was a massive data breach in the United States, and chances are you’re probably affected by it. While Hank from SciShow can’t undo what was done at Equifax, he can give you some insight into how it all went down.

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It turns out that Alexa is not very good at “Guess My Number”

Alexa guess my number

Youtuber Norm Krumpe recorded a game of “Guess My Number” and it looks like Amazon’s voice assistant isn’t very good at this game at all. “Ask Alexa to play a game of ‘Guess My Number’. Then, guess a number and Alexa will tell you to guess higher or lower,” Norm said. “But, I have amazing skills at this game. I ...

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SpaceX Presents: How NOT to land a Rocket Booster [video]

SpaceX crash videos

The fine people at SpaceX put together a video with the best worst landings from the early days. Full of explosions, busted-up Falcon 9 rockets, and interesting mishaps, it’s worth a view. It’s probably easy to show all the screw-ups now that they’ve had a slew of amazing successes.

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Here’s what happens when two hurricanes collide

What happens when hurricanes collide

The phenomenon is called the Fujiwhara effect. Named for Japanese meteorologist Sakuhei Fujiwhara who originally described it in 1921. If two cyclones pass within 900 miles of each other, they can start to orbit. What happens next depends on the size of the Hurricanes.

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How fast 5 popular ice cream brands melt [video]

Which ice cream melts fastest

Summer is coming to a close, so while everyone rushes to enjoy their favorite sunny day treat, ice cream, Tech Insider decided to test which ones melt fastest. The contestants were Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, Edy’s Friendly’s and Haagen-Daas. All of the ice creams were store bought containers stored in the same freezer and the scoop sizes were similar, ...

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SpaceX Launch of FORMOSAT-5 [Live Stream]

Falcon 9 FORMOSAT-5 8-24-17

SpaceX has planned a launch of another Falcon 9 rocket for Thursday afternoon. The 42-minute launch window opens on Thursday, August 24 at 11:51 a.m. PDT, or 18:51 UTC. The satellite will be deployed approximately 11 minutes after launch. The rocket will be carrying FORMOSAT-5, an Earth observation satellite for Taiwan’s National Space Organization (NSPO), to a low-Earth orbit (LEO). SpaceX is targeting launch of ...

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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Write Music and it’s not terrible

Taryn Southern Break Free

The jobs that were supposed to be safe from artificial intelligence are looking a lot less safe. The creative fields of storytelling, moviemaking and now music composition are being invaded by Skynet’s predecessor. Creativity was the last bastion of hope for human work. Jobs that required our innate ability to effectuate novel ideas were supposed to remain ours. Now, AI ...

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Here’s the Path of the 2024 U.S. Total Solar Eclipse

NASA GSFC 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Map

If you didn’t get to experience totality during the 2017 solar eclipse in the United States, perhaps the 2024 event’s path will give you a better chance. The 2017 solar eclipse bypassed most major cities as it crossed over sparsely populated areas from Oregon to South Carolina. The 2024 eclipse will take an entirely different path. Catch all the eclipse ...

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