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Keeping up with legislation, congressional investigations, member actions and the general goings-on in the halls of Congress.

Freeloader: Ocasio-Cortez Refuses To Pay Party Dues, Angering Some Of Her Democratic Colleagues

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most prolific Democratic fundraisers in the House, but she’s refusing to pay any dues to the Democrats’ House campaign organization. Ocasio-Cortez has failed to pay a penny of the $250,000 she owes in “dues” to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), according to a Fox News report. Instead, she’s leveraging her ...

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‘She Should Send Them Over’: Senate Democrats Want Pelosi To End Stalemate Over Impeachment Articles

A growing number of Senate Democrats are breaking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her handling of articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Seven Democrats — Sens. Dianne Feinstein, Doug Jones, Chris Murphy, Joe Manchin, Richard Blumenthal, Jon Tester, and Chris Coons — told various news outlets on Wednesday that they are ready for Pelosi to transmit the articles so ...

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GOP Congresswoman Who Squared Off With Schiff Posts Massive Campaign Fundraising Numbers

Elise Stefanik, a Republican congresswoman targeted by Democrats over her support for President Donald Trump during the House impeachment hearings, posted massive fundraising figures in the final quarter of 2019, her campaign announced on Wednesday. Stefanik raised $3.2 million in the quarter, which is more than the New Yorker has raised in any two-year election cycle. She has $3.4 million ...

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Ilhan Omar, Liberals Accuse Trump Of Killing Terrorist Soleimani As A ‘Distraction’

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar accused President Donald Trump of killing Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani — a designated terrorist by the U.S. government — as a “distraction” from domestic political issues. Other left-of-center Trump critics echoed Omar’s accusation that Trump authorized the strike on Soleimani as a “distraction.” “It’s highly possible then timing of tonight’s attack was meant as ...

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House Overwhelmingly Votes To Pass USMCA

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada Thursday, just one day after impeaching President Donald Trump. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which places new rules for moving products between the countries, passed with a vote of 385-41. The Senate will now be able to vote to ratify the deal next year. House Democrats and ...

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Democrats Are Already Delegitimizing Senate Impeachment Trial

Congressional Democrats are already undermining the legitimacy of a likely impeachment trial in the Senate, which is widely expected not to convict President Donald Trump. The Democratic-controlled House is scheduled to vote Wednesday on two articles of impeachment against the president, which would send the articles over to the Republican-controlled Senate. The House only needs a simple majority to impeach ...

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Republican Lawmakers Introduce Legislation Imposing Sanctions On Drug Cartels

Two Republican senators are introducing legislation that would place severe sanctions on drug cartels, the latest action taken by lawmakers since cartel gunmen slaughtered nine American citizens in November. GOP Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas proposed the Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act, a bill that would subject Mexican drug cartels and other foreign criminal groups ...

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Nadler: Trump Is A ‘Threat’ To National Security

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Sunday that President Donald Trump is a “threat” to national security.  Nadler spoke with ABC’s George Stephanopolous on “This Week” Sunday about the lack of support from Republicans for impeachment. “Haven’t you failed your own test,” Stephanopolous asked Nadler. The Democratic New York representative told Stephanopolous, “I don’t think so,” adding that Trump actively ...

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Judiciary Committee Democrats Vote for Partisan Impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee voted Friday morning along strict party lines to force articles of impeachment to the House floor for a vote. The 23-17 vote on the vague charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power indicates a purely political motivation for impeachment. The full vote in the House of Representatives next week is likely to weaken the ...

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Lindsey Graham: Carter Page Should ‘Sue The Hell Out Of’ The FBI And DOJ

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday he hopes that Carter Page “sues the hell” out of the FBI and Justice Department for relying on the unverified Steele dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against the former Trump campaign aide. Graham was speaking at the opening of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to go over a Justice Department inspector general’s report that found ...

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Watch Live: Inspector General Horowitz Testifies in Senate Hearing

Inspector General Michael Horowitz testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the FBI abuses of the FISA process that allowed the agency to spy on the Trump campaign and presidency. Live Streams of IG Horowitz Senate Testimony About FBI Abuses of Power Fox News CBS News PBS NewsHour Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is ...

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GOP Rep. Calls On Lindsey Graham To Subpoena Adam Schiff’s Phone Records

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks is calling on Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham to subpoena phone records for Rep. Adam Schiff, a lawyer for the Trump whistleblower, and Joe and Hunter Biden. In a letter to Graham on Wednesday, Banks cited House Democrats’ impeachment report from Tuesday which revealed that Democrats obtained AT&T phone records which showed phone calls involving ...

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The Senate Confirmed Four Federal Judges While The House Heard Impeachment Testimony

The Senate confirmed four trial court nominees to the federal bench Wednesday, among them a public interest lawyer Democrats say will trim abortion rights. Senators confirmed the nominee, Sarah Pitlyk, to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri on a 49-44 vote that largely followed party lines. “Sarah’s strong legal experience, sharp intellect, and commitment to the ...

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Adam Schiff Calls Hunter Biden Investigation A ‘Sham’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called the Hunter Biden investigation a sham, saying the investigation was an attempt to take attention away from Russia. “So that’s what the president wanted,” Schiff said. “These two sham investigations…” Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. ...

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Watch Live: Democrat Impeachment Circus Continues in the Judiciary Committee

Rep. Jerry Nadler takes charge Wednesday as the Democrats continue their three-year-long attempt to impeach the president without any evidence. Today’s testimony is expected to be a set of Constitutional scholars who, hand-picked by the Democrats, will be asked to shape the lack of factual evidence into something that sounds plausibly impeachable. Live Streams of House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing ...

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