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Home Prices Boom 10 Years After Housing Crisis

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Home prices have returned to the boom levels of a decade ago — which foreshadowed the bursting of the real estate “bubble” and the onset of The Great Recession — but today’s housing market is starkly different, according to data released today from realtor.com®, a leading online real estate destination. Backed by tighter lending ...

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Keurig, e-Trade and 4 barely known companies pull advertising from Hannity over Moore interview

Keurig smashed

The liberal “buycott” machine went into motion over the weekend pressuring at least five advertisers to flee a popular Fox News show because Alabama Senator Roy Moore appeared on it to give his point-of-view on recent allegations of sexual misconduct. Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty all pulled their ads from the television show, in response to Fox ...

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Watch: Trump and Xi talk of ‘shared interests’ and ‘prosperity’ in joint statements

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China both spoke Thursday of cooperation and common interests during joint statements from Beijing. “Our respective success serves the common interests of both countries,” President Xi said. “For China and the United States, win-win cooperation is the only right choice and the pathway toward a better future.” During Trump’s visit, over $250 ...

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Trump to tweet from China despite social media ban

Donald trump tweeting

President Donald Trump will “tweet whatever he wants” while in China despite Twitter, and most western social media platforms, being banned in the Asian nation. An administration official told reporters Wednesday that the president would be tweeting as usual while in China. Twitter, Facebook and many other social media outlets are banned by the so-called Chinese firewall. “The president will tweet ...

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Watch: Trump addresses the South Korean National Assembly [video + transcript]

TRump addresses the National Assembly South Korea

President Donald Trump addresses the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) Wednesday as part of his 12-day marathon diplomatic trip through Japan and Asia. The president received a standing ovation at the end of his speech. [email protected] concludes his speech to South Korean National Assembly to standing ovation. #POTUSinAsia pic.twitter.com/T1KyxbPRvE — Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) November 8, 2017 ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Donald Trump Melania Trump air force one

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will participate in an embassy meet and greet then participate in a courtesy call with National Assembly Leaders. Afterward, the President will deliver a speech to the National Assembly and the President and First Lady will then travel to the Seoul National Cemetery to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony. In the afternoon, the President ...

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Watch: Presidents Trump and Moon Jae-in of South Korea hold a joint press conference

Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in press conference 11-7-17

President Donald Trump and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea hold a press conference Tuesday at the Blue House in the Republic of Korea. Transcript from the press conference PRESIDENT MOON: (As interpreted.) I extend my heartfelt welcome to the visit by Your Excellency, President Donald Trump, and Madam First Lady to the Republic of Korea. His visit marks the ...

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Watch: Joint Statements of Presidents Trump and Moon Jae-in

Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in

President Donald Trump and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea deliver joint statements after the first day of bilateral talks on North Korea and trade. Transcript of Statements by President Trump PRESIDENT MOON: (No translation provided.) PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much, Mr. President. And it’s an honor to be here with my representatives. And we’re going to have ...

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