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U.S. is on a ‘cyberwar footing’ as Iran ponders continued retaliation for the killing of a top general

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 10 — Is war with Iran inevitable? “Indeed, Iran has already initiated retaliation for the U.S. attack that killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC]. Is the tit-for-tat missile volley the regime fired at U.S. air bases in Iraq earlier this week the beginning or the end,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of ...

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Study shows that too many American adults don’t know the symptoms of a heart attack


New research shows that some 13.5 million adults in the U.S. could not identify a single symptom of a heart attack — not even that chest pains are an obvious sign of a cardiac event. The study was conducted for a recent scientific gathering sponsored by the American Heart Association [AHA]. It was based on findings of data gathered by the ...

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Is Satellite Internet Good Enough For You?

There are a wide number of high-speed internet options available in the market these days. ISP’s are competing actively with one another to cater the masses better and this competition opens up many options for the public. Satellite internet is one of the available options. The big question here is whether you should choose satellite internet for your need of ...

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3 Twitter marketing tips to boost your lead generation game

There’s no denying the fact that Twitter has developed a niche of its own among all other social media channels. Having a user-base that is primarily focused on consuming genuine information-based content, Twitter is becoming a highly lucrative social media channel for businesses, especially when it comes to generating and nurturing high-quality leads something which its contemporaries are intensely struggling ...

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Black Community Should Be More Wary of Judges than Police Officers, Says Anne Kihagi

The black community has been incensed for years by unfair and prejudiced treatment from police officers around the country – even Dr. Dre rapped about it! As we look back at how things used to be, and while issues undoubtedly still exist for all minorities, we as a community must admit that police departments nationwide have indeed made strides to ...

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Avengers: Endgame Movie Review Writing

Intro Infinity War was a great movie, but it worked as the film which is separate from the MCU first of all. As its part, the film was fantastic as well, but its final did not interact with the viewer as it should do. The reason was simple: any person who kept an eye on Marvel announcements a bit understood ...

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Alzheimer’s Disease: America’s most feared illness

Alzheimer’s Disease [AD] has an insidiously disproportionate effect on senior citizens and their families. Surveys conducted over the past several years show that a diagnosis of AD sparks terror in the hearts of patients, families and friends, more so than just about any other fatal or chronic illness, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. In fact, a Marist Poll ...

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One Nation Under Debt

By Jeff Szymanski, AMAC Yoga classes for bureaucrats. Brown snake eradication program. Congressional pensions. Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund. Those are actual lines in recent federal budgets totaling $150,000, $668,000, $38 million, and $65 million respectively. All are “chump change” compared to $363 billion (with a “b”) to be spent this year on interest on the debt. That’s $53 billion higher than last year, a ...

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Thicker Than Blood – The Knowlton Twins

Marines have always had a special bond and often come to think of their fellow Marines as their brothers or sisters. For twins Jacob and Hailey Knowlton, who both recently graduated from Marine Corps boot camp, being a Marine is a bond thicker than blood. Source: Department of Defense Content created by Conservative Daily News is available for re-publication without charge under ...

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Mattis: Actions in Ukraine Show Russia’s Word Cannot Be Trusted

By Jim Garamone – Defense.gov WASHINGTON — Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian ships in the Sea of Azov in contradiction to signed treaties and the Law of the Sea show that Russia cannot be counted on to keep its word, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said at the Pentagon today. Defense Secretary James N. Mattis discusses Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian ...

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U.S. Setting Up Observation Posts in Syria to Keep ISIS From Entering Turkey


By Terri Moon Cronk – Defense.gov U.S. forces are establishing observation posts in Northeast Syria to further deny escape routes to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve told Pentagon reporters today. Army Col. Sean Ryan, speaking via teleconference from Baghdad, updated reporters on ongoing operations in Iraq and Syria ...

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This CBP Beagle Isn’t Your Typical Canine

CBP Canine handler and partner Frodo

Chicago, IL— Imagine being less than two feet tall and having to navigate the luggage carousel at one of the busiest airports in America. This could be a daunting and intimidating task, but every day one non-intimidating canine battles through the large crowds sniffing backpacks and luggage looking for food. Frodo, a Beagle, is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ...

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7 Easy Employee Engagement Tips to Transform Your Business

Employees in work discussion

Deep down your employees want to do much more than you may think. Do you view them as a difficult bunch that will never live up to your expectations? Or perhaps you know there’s more to them but you’re not sure how to activate that potential. For both these groups, I have one message: Their performance levels are mostly up ...

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5 Challenges Self Employed People Face in Managing Finances

While self-employment offers outstanding fulfillment, it comes with a good share of challenges. Unlike most employees who lead a comfortable life with a certain paycheck and tax requirements, self-employment individuals have to cope with different sets of financial encounters. Even when you are used to this industry, you have to deal with the challenges. The industry is growing steadily with ...

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Poll shows support for President Trump’s strategy on trade with China

A new poll shows overwhelming support for the stance President Trump is taking on the issue of the China trade deficit. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s strategy appears to be making progress. On Tuesday, China’s President Xi Jinping issued a statement indicating negotiations, not a trade war, may be in the offing. Xi said “Openness versus isolation and progress versus retrogression, humanity has a major ...

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