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Top 10 Psychology and Mental Health Channels on YouTube

By Sarah Cooper Mental health is discussed pretty often on YouTube these days, mainly focused on anxiety and depression. Some YouTubers also aim to provide a more nuanced conversation and digestible format within this area. Here are top 10 YouTubers you should follow to learn more about psychology and mental health: 1. Psych Central Psych Central is one of the ...

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James Marchese Points out that COVID-19 Deaths Aren’t Rising in Spite of Fact Protesters & State Re-Opening

Despite the rise in COVID-19, long-time business owner James Marchese has noticed that the death rate of patients has significantly decreased even with states reopening and the high number of protestors.  In fact, many states like New Jersey are now using numbers from March to make it appear as if there is an increase in death numbers. This is done ...

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How to Get a Job in Another State

Authored by Olga Butyrina (Career Expert, GCL) According to the U.S. Census Bureau report, about 14% of U.S. residents migrated around the country in 2019, and job search is one of the top reasons for relocation. These statistics prove that you are not alone in your desire to start a career outside your native state. Nevertheless, this step still has ...

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8 Tips on Buying Gel Blasters Accessories

Purchasing your gel blaster accessories online is more convenient than going to the stores, although you won’t get to test the accessories before you place an order. For that reason, it is important that you first read the accessories specifications. Gel blaster accessories can also be quite technical and thus the need to consider operational information such as the recommended ...

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What Do We Do About the Southern District of NY Now?

By Rudolph Guiliani The Department of Justice’s, New York, Southern District Office is very dear to me.  I am destressed to see how that office has been used for political purposes over the past fifteen years. America derives its strength and success from the fact that we have one set of laws that are applied equally to every citizen, regardless ...

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We Now Know – Trump’s Leadership Saved Lives

Donald Trump success

by Robert Charles As America emerges from COVID-19 and States reopen wholesale or by county, shadows are giving way to sunlight, furrowed brows to smiles, and reality is returning. Four facts define this moment, and they are encouraging – not discouraging. First, the tipping point has come – and many medical professionals acknowledge it. The downside of shelter-in-pace, stay-at-home policies – which ...

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right CBD Oil for Your Pet

As a pet owner, you want to do what’s best for your pet’s health. The CBD craze hasn’t just hit humans, it’s also being applied to animals—especially dogs and cats. While there are no formal studies on the impacts of CBD for pets, many people believe that it can help with anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain, among other issues.You want ...

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Email Marketing Trends: How to Write a Successful Newsletter

Regular newsletters are an important part of your email marketing strategy. They notify subscribers of sales and events, recent news, policy updates, changes within the company, and simply keep your brand in front of the eye. Depending on your business, you might be sending different newsletters – blog or YouTube channel updates, new arrival promos, holiday sales, etc. – but ...

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7 reasons why back injury is common in the workplace and ways to get compensated By: Kim Hemphry

About the Author: Kim Hemphry is a passionate expert in the areas of Legal Matters, learning and education. She has been featured on over 50 leading Legal and education sites and is a modern thought leader in the field. More about her interests and articles on her site – http://kimhemphry.com/ Back injuries are a major concern for many companies and ...

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U.S. is on a ‘cyberwar footing’ as Iran ponders continued retaliation for the killing of a top general

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 10 — Is war with Iran inevitable? “Indeed, Iran has already initiated retaliation for the U.S. attack that killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC]. Is the tit-for-tat missile volley the regime fired at U.S. air bases in Iraq earlier this week the beginning or the end,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of ...

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Study shows that too many American adults don’t know the symptoms of a heart attack


New research shows that some 13.5 million adults in the U.S. could not identify a single symptom of a heart attack — not even that chest pains are an obvious sign of a cardiac event. The study was conducted for a recent scientific gathering sponsored by the American Heart Association [AHA]. It was based on findings of data gathered by the ...

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Is Satellite Internet Good Enough For You?

There are a wide number of high-speed internet options available in the market these days. ISP’s are competing actively with one another to cater the masses better and this competition opens up many options for the public. Satellite internet is one of the available options. The big question here is whether you should choose satellite internet for your need of ...

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3 Twitter marketing tips to boost your lead generation game

There’s no denying the fact that Twitter has developed a niche of its own among all other social media channels. Having a user-base that is primarily focused on consuming genuine information-based content, Twitter is becoming a highly lucrative social media channel for businesses, especially when it comes to generating and nurturing high-quality leads something which its contemporaries are intensely struggling ...

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Black Community Should Be More Wary of Judges than Police Officers, Says Anne Kihagi

The black community has been incensed for years by unfair and prejudiced treatment from police officers around the country – even Dr. Dre rapped about it! As we look back at how things used to be, and while issues undoubtedly still exist for all minorities, we as a community must admit that police departments nationwide have indeed made strides to ...

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