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Curtice Mang is the author of two books, The Constitution - I'm Not Kidding and Other tales of Liberal Folly and The Smell of Politics: The Good, The Bad and The Odorous. He is a regular contributor of commentary and political satire to multiple websites. He lives in Phoenix with his wife.

The Art of Jumping the Shark – ESPN Style

This week ESPN announced that it is was reassigning announcer Robert Lee, who was scheduled to call play by play for the University of Virginia-William & Mary football game on September 2. The reason for the move was, well, we really have no idea. The reason given was so inane, even for the inanely inane ESPN, that there had to ...

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The mother of all monuments

Who doesn’t like a good fad? From piling into phone booths in the Fifties to the iconic pet rocks of the Eighties, fads grab the attention of the country and then quickly flame out. And then there was disco, which had a slightly shorter life span than the Carter administration but was every bit as painful. Talk about your misery ...

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An open letter to CNN

Dear CNN, So, how have you been?  I haven’t heard much from you over the last couple of weeks.  Granted, I don’t actually watch you, but I know a couple of people that do.  Well, to be honest, it’s only one person.  He’s the uncle of a friend of a neighbor’s ex-wife’s yoga instructor.  He watches from jail. Recently, though, ...

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United Nations: The Cultural Appropriation Cops

United Nations

Remember when the United Nations was intent on reducing international conflict through negotiation and understanding? Me neither. Lest anyone get such a misguided perception, according to CBC News – a Canadian news organization -,w delegates from 189 countries recently met in Geneva to discuss establishing international laws against cultural appropriation. The meeting of a committee within the UN agency, the World ...

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Hillary Clinton takes personal responsibility – for blaming everyone else

Hillary Clinton’s “It’s not my fault” tour continues unabated. The list of reasons for her 2016 election loss to Donald Trump grows with each passing day. Remarkably, none of those reasons are named Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here is Hillary’s fluid and ever-growing list of the reasons for her election defeat – from her perspective: James Comey As the Director of ...

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