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REPORT: Pro-Trump Activist Billionaire Buys A Giant Stake In Twitter, Seeks To Replace Jack Dorsey

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A Republican donor purchased a major stake in Twitter with the intention of pushing out CEO Jack Dorsey, who the billionaire believes is too distracted with other ventures, Bloomberg News reported Friday. Activist investor Elliott Management wants to make changes at the social media company, the report notes, citing sources familiar with the matter. Paul Singer, the billionaire behind Elliot, ...

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‘So Far, It Isn’t That Bad’: Man With Coronavirus Reacts To The Panic Surrounding His Condition

“It’s surreal to see everyone panic — news conferences, the stock market falling, school closures — about a disease I have. It does seem likely that coronavirus will spread in the United States, but it won’t help anybody if we all panic.” A man with coronavirus said in The Washington Post Friday that he contracted the novel coronavirus while on ...

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Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules Facebook, YouTube Are Not Bound By First Amendment

Facebook, YouTube and other big tech companies are not bound to abide by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a court ruled Wednesday, dealing a blow to conservatives online. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court Appeals decision came in a case brought by Prager University, a nonprofit that produces videos promoting conservative positions on politics. PragerU sued YouTube in 2017 ...

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Report: Green New Deal Will Impose A $75,000 Per Year Cost On Swing-State Households

Americans in nearly a dozen swing states could expect to spend roughly $75,000 per year if the Green New Deal is ever implemented, according to a report Wednesday from a conservative nonprofit group. The so-called GND would cost households an average of $74,287 and $76,683 in Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, among others, a report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute noted. CEI ...

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Twitter Is Suspending 70 Pro-Bloomberg Sock Puppet Accounts For Using Russian-Style Trolling

Twitter started suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts Friday for violating policies the company created after investigators found Russia trolled voters ahead of the 2016 election. The accounts violated rules against creating multiple accounts to copy and paste content promoting former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Twitter told the Los Angeles Times. Twitter also said they broke rules against “coordinating with ...

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Bloomberg Wants Biden, Buttigieg And Others To Bail, So He Can Take On Sanders — One On One

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign team wants the rest of his Democratic opponents to drop out of the presidential race so he can take on Sen. Bernie Sanders, man to man. Sanders will become unstoppable if former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t bow out, Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg’s top strategist, told Axios Wednesday. The self-avowed Democratic socialist will ...

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Conservative Group Opens Up A New Line Of Attack On Google Over Fair Use Law

Conservatives are opening a salvo against Google as the tech behemoth beats back claims that it stole thousands of lines of code from Oracle.  One conservative group seeking to hold Google accountable for supposedly targeting conservatives filed an amicus brief supporting Oracle’s copyright claim against Google.  If Oracle wins and the Supreme Court in March decides that Google did violate ...

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Facebook Will Now Allow Campaigns To Use Sponsored Content After Bloomberg’s Meme Posting Spree

Facebook is now allowing presidential campaigns to use sponsored content after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s team paid several social media influencers to hype the candidate. Facebook will allow so-called branded content from political candidates. The company and subsidiary Instagram previously banned such content from politicians, according to a Facebook representative, Politico reported. “After hearing from multiple campaigns, ...

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Nevada’s Democratic Party Is Recruiting Google To Help The State Avoid Another Iowa Caucus Debacle

Nevada’s Democratic Party is soliciting help from one of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley to help party officials steer clear of repeating the drama that tossed the Iowa caucus into disarray. Officials are relying on a so-called caucus calculator accessed through a Google portal to crunch numbers to help them determine which Democratic presidential candidate will win the ...

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Report Casts Doubt On Claims That The US Is Falling Behind China On Funding AI Research

China’s lack of transparency makes it virtually impossible to determine how much the country is devoting to the research on its massive artificial intelligence apparatus, a new report shows.  The report comes after the Trump administration published a budget proposal Tuesday asking for a nearly 70% increase in funding for non-defense AI. American officials argue the increase in funding is ...

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Billionaire Jeff Bezos Sells Over $4 Billion In Amazon Stock

Tech titan Jeff Bezos sold a giant chunk of Amazon stock recently after telling reporters three years ago that he plans on selling $1 billion a year of stock to prop up his space company. Bezos sold $4 billion in the online company’s stock over the past 11 days, CNBC reported Tuesday, citing Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) filings. He sold ...

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New Map Shows How Green New Deal Could Impact Swing States

A Virginia-based GOP group launched a website Wednesday that provides voters information about how their respective states will fare if Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s climate policies are put into action. One of the resources featured on the Green New Deal Stats website is an interactive map highlighting what industry leaders believe the so-called Green New Deal (GND) will do to ...

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Conservatives Cheer Massive Sprint, T-Mobile Deal, Say Merger Injects Life Into 5G Pursuit

A judge approved Sprint and T-Mobile’s multi-billion dollar merger Tuesday, effectively creating the country’s largest wireless company as the country tries to compete with China on 5G. The $25 billion deal is expected to allow the combined company to provide services to more than 100 million subscribers. Sprint and T-Mobile are independently the third and fourth largest companies in the ...

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Pelosi Tries And Fails To Badger Facebook, Twitter Into Nixing An Edited Video Of Her SOTU Speech Rip

Facebook and Twitter are refusing to bow to requests from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to nix an edited video of the California Democrat tearing up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. The edited video was posted on both social media platforms after the Tuesday night SOTU in which Pelosi can be seen ripping to shreds copies of the ...

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