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Joe Biden Pans Trump’s Decision To Target And Kill Iran’s Top Military General

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday night that the Trump administration’s airstrike against one of Iran’s top military lieutenants was a rash action that could potentially backfire on the U.S. President Donald Trump “just tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox,” Biden said in a statement after reports confirmed a U.S. drone strike killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani. “I ...

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Sen Graham: The Price Of Killing Americans ‘Has Just Gone Up Drastically’

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday evening that President Donald Trump’s decision to order an airstrike that killed one of Iran’s top military generals likely dealt a crippling blow to the Iranian regime. “Wow – the price of killing and injuring Americans has just gone up drastically. Major blow to Iranian regime that has American blood on its ...

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Trump’s Campaign Releases POTUS’s ‘Unprecedented’ Fundraising Numbers For Fourth Quarter

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign raised more than $45 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, a senior member of the campaign said Thursday. “President Trump’s unprecedented fundraising is testament to his wide grassroots support and his stellar record of achievement on behalf of the American people,” Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said in a statement Thursday. The $46 million ...

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Trump Ends Decade With A Bang, Nixing Nearly 100 Enviro Regulations During His First Three Years In Office

President Donald Trump has nixed nearly 100 environmental regulations during his first three years in office, effectively rolling back much of his Democratic predecessor’s environmental legacy. The president rolled back more than 90 environmental rules and regulations, The New York Times reported in December. The NYT relied on an analysis from the Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School and other sources ...

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World-Renowned Auto Exec Escapes Trial In Japan: Report

Former chairman for Nissan and Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn reportedly fled Japan he was facing stiff charges stemming from his time as an auto executive. How he escaped is still a mystery. Ghosn’s escape had all the earmarks of a Hollywood-style caper that left everyone shocked, even those closest to the automotive tycoon. One report suggested his wife, Carole Ghosn, masterminded ...

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A Wind Turbine’s Blades Fly Off In New York City, Crushing A Billboard And Vehicle

Blades from a massive wind turbine crumpled to the ground Monday, smashing a car flat and damaging another piece of infrastructure, authorities said. “This shouldn’t have been put up so hastily. A wind turbine should not be able to be taken down by the wind,” State Sen. Jamaal Bailey said during a press conference discussing the incident, which happened in ...

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Here’s How Obsession With Impeachment Is Allowing Big Tech To Build A China-Like Surveillance State

Lawmakers are too busy wrestling with matters related to President Donald Trump’s impeachment to address issues related to the government’s deployment of facial recognition technology. Big tech is selling such technological know-how to police agencies and embedding it in smartphones while lawmakers remain distracted, Politico reported Monday. Other issues are also taking precedent, namely the death of one lawmaker who ...

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American Universities Are Creating Social Credit Systems To Track Students, Monitor Their Behavior

A handful of U.S. colleges are employing a type of social credit system through various technologies that are designed to track students as they attend courses and walk across campus. Universities across the country are using the so-called SpotterEDU app to connect with apps on students’ smartphones for the purpose of boosting their “attendance points.” The app also sees their ...

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In Trump’s Economy, Working Class Employees Are Getting Bigger Raises Than Their Bosses

Wages for working class Americans are increasing faster than their bosses as the U.S. economy keeps humming and unemployment rates stay low, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The wage increases are a sign that the labor market is tightening to a point where it is giving low wage employees leverage for raises. A short supply of workers and an ...

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China Nearly Doubles US Soy Bean Imports As Trump And Beijing Hammer Out Trade Deal: Report

Donald Trump success

Chinese imports of soybeans nearly doubled in November as the communist nation seeks a trade deal with the U.S., one of its biggest suppliers of the staple agricultural product, AP reported Thursday. Imports rose more than 50% to 5.4 million tons, AP reported, citing customs data. China nixed purchases of American soybeans after President Donald Trump raised import duties on ...

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They’re Not Done: House Judiciary Floats Possibility of Impeaching Trump Again Over McGahn Testimony

House Democrats are open to impeaching President Donald Trump a second time if White House counsel Donald McGahn’s potential testimony reveals the president committed other offenses. A second impeachment could be necessary if House Democrats see evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct investigations, House counsel Douglas Letter noted in a filing in federal court Monday. Letter was referring Democrats’ pressure ...

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Boeing Fires CEO As The Company Ends 2019 Amid Crisis Over Wrecks

Boeing fired CEO Dennis Muilenburg as the company attempts to unbury itself from negative press related to two crashes killed hundreds in 2019, The New York Times reported Monday. It’s board of directors “decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators, customers, and all ...

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