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Democrats Released Their Green New Deal. Here’s How People Are Reacting To The Rollout

Republicans, conservatives and even some environmentalists are criticizing the final version of New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as not yet ready for prime time. One major Democratic lawmaker even downplayed the idea’s importance going forward. The resolution calls for “10-year national mobilizations” toward a series of goals aimed at fighting global warming, according to a copy ...

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CNN’s Poll Of Trump’s SOTU Speech Produced Some Surprising Results

A CNN poll conducted shortly after President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union speech Tuesday appeared to show many of the channel’s viewers thought the president’s comments hit the right note. Nearly 60 percent of viewers had a very positive reaction to the speech, 17 percent were somewhat supportive of Trump’s address, according to a poll from independent ...

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Bezos Investigated An Expose Into His Affair And Now Thinks He Knows Who’s Responsible

Billionaire Jeff Bezos’s longtime private security consultant investigated an expose of the Amazon head’s affair and has determined it was a political hit job, The Washington Post reported Tuesday night. Consultant Gavin de Becker believes reports about Bezos’ relationship with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez started with a “politically motivated” leak from President Donald Trump supporters. Bezos, who divorced his ...

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Trump Hit A High Note In His Speech That Had Democrats Chanting USA

Many of the female Democratic lawmakers stood and cheered after President Donald Trump trumpeted the increase of employment of women in the U.S. during the State of the Union speech Tuesday. “You weren’t supposed to do that … thank you … Don’t sit yet, you’re going to like this,” Trump said after many of the Democratic lawmakers in the Rotunda stood and ...

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Facebook Removes More Pages Tied To Infowars’ Alex Jones After Policy Change

Facebook removed more than 20 pages tied to Internet provocateur Alex Jones and InfoWars Tuesday after the Silicon Valley giant updated its policies to prevent banned accounts from resurfacing in different forms. The company’s decision comes several months after the company banned four of Jones’ pages August — Twitter and YouTube followed shortly thereafter. Facebook changed its “recidivism policy” in January, which ...

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Facebook Breaks Out The Big Guns As Zuckerberg Wards Off Regulators

Facebook is using company executives to personally answer questions from policy makers about the nature of the social media giant’s data sharing empire, Axios reported Tuesday. The platform typically uses lobbyists for this kind of work. The company’s vice president of products partnerships, Ime Archibong, is meeting with House and Senate staffers Tuesday to provide them with information about the ...

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Gov Cuomo Blames Trump As Citizens Flee New York For Low Tax Red States

Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other public officials from blue states are blaming President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul for people moving to Texas and Florida where the tax burden is less burdensome. Cuomo said Monday that changes to the federal tax law resulted in his state losing $2.3 billion in tax revenue. The 2017 law capping deduction for state ...

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Iowa Poll Shows Trump Trouncing Kasich In A Potential Head To Head 2020 Match Up

Former Vice President Joe Biden remains the best option Democrats have at beating President Donald Trump heading into the 2020 election, according to a poll of Iowa voters published Saturday. Biden would beat Trump in a squeaker, pulling in 51 percent of the vote to the president’s 49 percent, Emerson College found in a survey. Other contenders eyeing the Democratic nomination. The ...

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WaPo Runs Pricey Super Bowl Ads Promoting Free Press Amid Mass Media Layoffs

Washington Post parody logo

The Washington Post announced Saturday that it will premier an ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII extolling the importance of journalism to a healthy democracy. The 60-second ad comes as hundreds of journalists lose their jobs amid mass media layoffs. “While most Super Bowl ad producers have the better part of a year, we had the lesser part of a week, ...

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Vice Lays Off 10 Percent Of Staff As Digital Media Struggle During Trump-Era

Vice cuts roughly 250 jobs from its payroll as the digital media monster tries to reorient itself in a quickly changing media space, Hollywood Reporter reported Friday. The layoffs come amid similar moves from BuzzFeed and competitors. The outlet’s job cuts are expected to have a sizable impact on Vice’s 2,500-person staff. The move was designed to focus on profitable ...

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Net Neutrality Is In The News Again And Twitter Is Weighing In On Its Future

Twitter re-upped its support for net neutrality Friday as supporters for the controversial policy prepare to challenge the Trump administration in court for dinging the Obama-era internet regulation. “An open Internet is vital to innovation, consumer choice, and free expression. Today we join @Mozilla, our industry peers, and public interest groups in supporting #NetNeutrality in the DC Circuit. Twitter stands ...

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Twitter And Facebook Ding Network Of Accounts Tied To Russia And Iran

Facebook and Twitter said they coordinated efforts ahead of the 2018 elections to remove thousands of accounts tied to foreign governments that used similar tactics as were used in 2016, NBC reported Thursday. The Russian operation mirrored the operation undertook by the Internet Research Agency, an organization indicted for spreading misinformation before the 2016 election. The ploy in 2018 was less ...

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Liberal Billionaire’s Alleged Role In A False Flag Operation Puts DNC In The Hot Seat

The billionaire allegedly behind the false flag operation in Alabama was planning to roll out a progressive voter database ahead of the 2020 election. The Democratic National Committee’s top brass is staying quiet about connections to the liberal financier allegedly behind a misinformation campaign in Alabama. Tech guru Reid Hoffman’s ties to a misinformation campaign in Alabama are leaving Democrat’s ...

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Apple Dings App After Facebook Used It To Conduct Shady Research On Users

Apple said Wednesday that Facebook violated the company’s policies when it surreptitiously used a research application to gobble up private data on users. The social media company admitted to the caper on Tuesday. Facebook paid users ages 13 to 35 up to $20 per month to install the iOS or Android “Facebook Research” app and use the program to sell their ...

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Apple Disables Group Chat App After Major Flaw Exposed Users To Privacy Breaches

Apple logo

Apple temporarily disabled a new group chat application Tuesday after a flaw was detected that exposed users to privacy data breaches. The Silicon Valley company dinged the Group FaceTime feature in iOS and macOS to fix a major security flaw, which allowed anyone to call a phone or Mac and listen in before the other person picks up. The bug ...

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