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Apple Dings App After Facebook Used It To Conduct Shady Research On Users

Apple said Wednesday that Facebook violated the company’s policies when it surreptitiously used a research application to gobble up private data on users. The social media company admitted to the caper on Tuesday. Facebook paid users ages 13 to 35 up to $20 per month to install the iOS or Android “Facebook Research” app and use the program to sell their ...

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Apple Disables Group Chat App After Major Flaw Exposed Users To Privacy Breaches

Apple logo

Apple temporarily disabled a new group chat application Tuesday after a flaw was detected that exposed users to privacy data breaches. The Silicon Valley company dinged the Group FaceTime feature in iOS and macOS to fix a major security flaw, which allowed anyone to call a phone or Mac and listen in before the other person picks up. The bug ...

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Dem Districts That Flipped On Trump During Midterms Now Support The Wall

Voters who supported President Donald Trump in 2016 but flipped during the 2018 midterm believe Democrats should have accepted the president’s immigration deal, according to a new poll published Tuesday. A plurality of voters in areas where Trump won by large margins two years ago but flipped Democratic in 2018 approve of the president’s job performance, 49 percent to 48 ...

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Court Deals Virginia’s Anti-Exxon AG A Major Blow After Prolonged Legal Battle

A federal court ruled Monday against Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s attempt to hide information from a Washington, D.C., think tank seeking information about the state’s role in an attorney general-led climate crusade. The Competitive Enterprise Institute sued Herring in 2018 for attempting to evade a Freedom of Information Act case seeking reasons why the Democratic attorney general denied requests ...

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Trump’s DOJ Charges Huawei With Fraud Amid Heightened Tensions With US

The Department of Justice charged Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Monday on several counts of fraud as U.S. President Donald Trump applies more pressure on China’s beleaguered economy. A 13-count indictment against Huawei and its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, accuses Huawei of bank fraud, wire fraud, and violating U.S. sanctions on Iran. Huawei is also charged with conspiring to obstruct ...

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Facebook Expands Ad Monitoring Technology Ahead Of Upcoming Elections

Facebook is preparing to build up programs around the world that will focus on preventing campaign meddling and tamp out misinformation efforts as various elections ramp-up, Axios reported Monday. The company has struggled in recent years to get ahead of instances where people have engaged in campaigns to misinform American voters. Regulators are also breathing down Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ...

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Venezuela Allows US Diplomats To Stay After Pompeo Draws A Hard Line

Venezuela abandoned its call for all U.S. diplomats to vacate the socialist country Sunday as the Trump administration and Western allies attempt to push President Nicolas Maduro out of power. The move came after Maduro severed relations with the U.S. due to President Donald Trump’s Jan. 23 decision to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president. Venezuela’s decision also comes ...

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Billionaire George Soros Slams China; Criticizes Trump On Huawei, ZTE

President Donald Trump has found a new, unlikely, ally in his battle against China: billionaire George Soros, a liberal financier who conservatives often criticize as antagonistic to traditional values. Soros offered a lengthy and robust criticism of the communist country during a private dinner Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The notoriously anti-Trump philanthropist even took the ...

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Spotify Removes All PragerU Content, Conservatives Claim Censorship

Music-streaming platform Spotify removed PragerU’s advertisements from its platform, noting that the content does not comply with the company’s editorial policies, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. “Our policy team has re-reviewed the ads that you have submitted through Ad Studio and determined that the content of the ads do not comply with our editorial policies,” Spotify noted in ...

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Democrats Worry Border Wall Battle Is Distracting From Their Climate Agenda

House Democrats are concerned that President Donald Trump’s fight for wall funding and the government shutdown is derailing their attempts to target the administration’s climate agenda, Politico reported Thursday. Nearly a dozen Democrats admit that dealing with the partial shutdown is distracting from their ultimate objective: wrapping the administration in probes and resuscitating a wayward climate push. Democratic Rep. Paul ...

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More Than 1,000 Media Jobs Were Cut In One Day. Is Facebook To Blame?

BuzzFeed is among several media outlets that laid off employees on Wednesday as experts worry that the blood bath is likely far from over. Tech expert Eric Schiffer says Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are torching digital journalism and act as a type of “rat poison for journalism jobs.”  BuzzFeed’s layoffs are causing tech experts to consider pushing ...

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Anti-Keystone Pipeline Activists Are Fundraising Off Nathan Phillips’ Standoff With Covington

A group known for opposing Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline is using its association with Nathan Phillips to raise donations for future protests targeting the multi-billion-dollar oil pipeline. Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska used her group’s connection to Phillips to raise money for her group, which opposes an extension to the Keystone that would move through parts of Nebraska. Phillips injected himself ...

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DC Think Tank Calls On NBC To Stop Blacking Out Climate Skeptics

NBC Nightly News

A Washington-based think tank published an ad Tuesday pressing NBC News to stop blacklisting climate skeptics from debating aspects of global warming on the channel’s broadcasts. The Competitive Enterprise Institute created an ad campaign pushing NBC’s Meet the Press to include climate skeptics in future broadcasts discussing aspects of global warming. NBC refused to run a televised version of the ...

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China’s Economy Hits A Low Not Seen Since 1990 Amid Tarrif Fight With Trump


China’s economy slowed dramatically during 2018, dropping to its lowest point in nearly 30 years as the communist country continues battling a prolonged tariff fight against U.S. President Donald Trump. The 6.6 percent growth rate reported Monday is the slowest annual pace China has recorded since 1990. The downturn deepened in the final months of 2018, suggesting the Trump administration’s ...

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‘Save The Dreamers’: WaPo Implores Pelosi To Take Trump’s Wall Deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats are losing one big voice in their opposition to President Donald Trump’s push for a border wall: The Washington Post’s Editorial Board. WaPo noted in a Sunday editorial reasons why Pelosi should rebuke the president’s most recent offer to temporarily extend protections for the so-called Dreamers. But the paper eventually explained that taking ...

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