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‘He’s Apologized For Being Born’: Bloomberg Takes On Beto’s Unusual Campaign Approach

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg poked fun at Democrats running for office Thursday night while explaining his reason for not jumping into a crowded presidential race. One of the prerequisites for running in 2020 is the need to go on an apology tour, Bloomberg said during a Bermuda Executive Forum in New York. The billionaire businessman gave former ...

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Media Bias? FOIA Requests to EPA Spiked After Trump Elected

Media Bias - NY Times - NBC News - CNN - Washington Post

The number of public record requests to the Environmental Protection Agency from major media outlets exploded shortly after President Donald Trump was elected, The Free Beacon reported Wednesday. The New York Times made only 13 Freedom of Information Act requests during former President Barack Obama’s second term, the report notes, citing an analysis of FOIA requests dating back to 2013. ...

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EU Regulators Take Aim At Google Over Silicon Valley Giant’s Business Model

European Union regulators fined Google a hefty $1.7 billion Wednesday on the basis that the Silicon Valley giant violated various anti-trust laws, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. Google engaged in “illegal practices” in a bid to “cement its dominant market position” in advertising markets, Margrethe Vestager, EU’s top competition commissioner, said in a press statement announcing the penalty. Additional criticisms ...

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Top Democratic Lawmaker Compares Trump To Hitler After McCain Dust-Up

South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn said Wednesday that President Donald Trump and his family represent a threat to democracy akin to that posed by Adolf Hitler. Trump and his family are “the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime,” he told NBC in response to questions about the president’s renewed criticisms of deceased Sen. John McCain. Clyburn is the third ranking Democrat ...

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Here Are The Media Pundits That Floated The Theory Bezos Was A Victim Of Saudi Arabia

Several media personalities actively floated the possibility that Saudi Arabia played a role in leaking billionaire Jeff Bezos’ racy text messages to his mistress before recent media reports torpedoed the idea. Washington Post columnist Max Boot joined The Daily Beast as two of the biggest proponents of the conspiracy theory, one that blew up Tuesday after The Wall Street Journal ...

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Facebook Reveals How New Zealand Shooter’s Livestream Video Went Viral

The New Zealand’s shooter’s video flew across the platform in record time despite receiving fewer than 200 total views during the live broadcast, Facebook noted in a blog post Monday night. “Before we were alerted … a user on [troll site] 8-chan posted a link to a copy of the video on a file-sharing site,” Facebook stated in the post. ...

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Trump Says He’s Looking Into Reports Of Facebook Targeting His Social Media Director

Donald trump tweeting

President Donald Trump indicated on Twitter Tuesday that his administration is looking into reports that Facebook censored his social media campaign director. “I will be looking into this!” Trump said before adding the hashtag: #StopTheBias. The president was likely referring to media reports showing that White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr. was temporarily blocked from making public Facebook comments on Monday ...

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Report Discloses How The National Enquirer Got Its Hands On Jeff Bezos’ Racy Text Messages

The brother of Jeff Bezos’s mistress sold racy text messages from the Amazon CEO to the National Enquirer, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter. Michael Sanchez — the brother of Bezos’s lover, Lauren Sanchez — reportedly sold the billionaire’s secrets for $200,000 to the Enquirer’s publisher, American Media, the report notes. Michael Sanchez ...

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REPORT: Putin Signs Laws Allowing Russia To Detain Citizens Who Spread Fake News

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law Monday allowing Moscow to punish and potentially imprison citizens who spread misinformation on the internet about government officials. Media publications found guilty of spreading “unreliable socially significant information” could potentially face $23,000 fines, Bloomberg reported. Prosecutors are now legally able to complain to Russia’s communications watchdog about online individuals — the country watchdog ...

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Poll: New Yorkers Consider Ocasio-Cortez A Villain In Amazon Pullout By Wide Margins

Nearly 40 percent of New Yorkers believe Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the villain rather than the hero in Amazon’s recent decision to pull out of the state, according to a poll published Monday. Only 12 percent of state citizens consider the New York Democrat a savior for leading the charge against a deal that would have brought the online company ...

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Beto O’Rourke Apologizes For Writing Poems About Plowing Over Children With A Car

Beto O’Rourke apologized Friday night for writings the former Texas representative made as a teenager describing fantasies about running over children with a vehicle. “I’m mortified to read it now, incredibly embarrassed, but I have to take ownership of my words,” the Democratic presidential candidate said during a taping of the “Political Party Live” podcast in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “Whatever ...

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Democrats Call Out Media For Heaping Praise On All The White Male Candidates

Democrats are complaining about what they believe is the media’s penchant for heaping loads of praise on the white men running against President Donald Trump in 2020. They want to know why the lady candidates are not receiving similar treatment. National media are heaping too much praise on Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, according to Mary Anne ...

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Facebook And YouTube Scramble To Pull Down Videos Of New Zealand Attack

Tech giants Facebook and Google are struggling to remove video images of shootings at two mosques Friday as some analysts criticize the companies’ inability to immediately ding such content. Twitter has a “dedicated team in place for managing exigent and emergency situations such as this,” the company said in a statement to CNN. At least 49 people died in the shootings. One man ...

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Beto O’Rourke Compares Climate Crusaders To ‘Those Who Were On The Beaches In Normandy’

Beto O’Rourke appeared to compare the fight against climate change to those who stormed the beaches at Normandy during World War II. “Those who preceded us, right. Those who were on the beaches in Normandy. They showed us the way,” O’Rourke said at an Iowa rally Thursday responding to a question about how to take on climate change. “We can ...

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Zuckerberg’s Right-Hand Man Unexpectedly Quits Following News Of Fed Investigation

One of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s top lieutenants unexpectedly quit Thursday following news that federal prosecutors are investigating the company’s use of private data. Chris Cox was put in charge of some of Facebook’s most important features, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp,- which together have over 2.7 billion users worldwide. Cox, who has been with the company for 13 years, announced his ...

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