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‘Ritchie Boys’ Aided Army’s Efforts to Defeat Germany During WWII

Troops march

As the world observes International Holocaust Remembrance Day, some may remember the so-called “Ritchie Boys,” who greatly aided allied forces in their fight against Germany and other Axis nations in World War II. Early on in the war, the Army realized it needed German- and Italian-speaking U.S. soldiers for a variety of duties, including psychological warfare, interrogation, espionage and intercepting ...

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DoD Officials: Artificial Intelligence to be Used for Charting, Intel Collection

Two airmen focus on a computer screen.

Nautical, terrain and aeronautical charting is vital to the Defense Department mission. This job, along with collecting intelligence, falls to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Two senior DOD officials think that artificial intelligence will aid NGA’s mission. Mark D. Andress, NGA’s chief information officer, and Nand Mulchandani, chief technology officer from DOD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, spoke yesterday at the AFCEA ...

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Socom Preps for Fast-Paced Technological Change

Technology is disrupting the business environment and government, and it will soon disrupt U.S. Special Operations Command and the rest of the Defense Department. Lisa Costa, the command’s director of command, control, communications, computers and intelligence and chief information officer, said it won’t be business as usual and change will be coming fast. Speaking at the Red Hat Government Symposium ...

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Americans Salute WWII Vets on Veterans Day

World War II veterans were honored today at the World War II Memorial in Washington. Elizabeth Lewis Among the approximately 20 veterans recognized was Elizabeth Lewis, who joined the Army Nurse Corps as a surgical nurse in 1943 and was assigned to the Army hospital ship Emily H. M. Weder. That year, she said her ship sailed for North Africa, ...

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Competition Grows Between U.S. Military and Chinese, DOD Official Says

The relationship between the U.S. military and China has become more competitive, as the U.S. has tried to enforce the sanctions on North Korea, a Defense Department official said. Randall Shriver, DOD’s assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs, said in the past, the relationship with China was a mixture of engagement and competition, but that has changed in ...

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Chinese Set Sights on High-Tech Production

China aims to transition from producing inexpensive items to high-tech products, the director of the Defense Innovation Unit said yesterday. Imagine what the world would look like if China were setting standards in game-changing technologies like hypersonics, quantum sciences, autonomy, artificial intelligence, 5G, genetic engineering and space.” Michael Brown, director of the Defense Innovation Unit During a panel discussion Tuesday ...

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AI to Give U.S. Battlefield Advantages, General Says

Artificial intelligence will give the United States, its allies and its partners advantages that will expedite and better inform decision-making on the battlefield, reducing the risk of casualties and collateral damage, the director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center said. At the Atlantic Festival’s “Military Readiness in the Age of AI” event in Washington today, Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack ...

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DOD is Building ‘About a Mile of Border Wall’ Each Day

The Army Corps of Engineers expects to build 450 miles of wall along the U.S. Southwest border, a Defense Department spokesman said. At present, about a mile of border wall is being built each day, Jonathan Rath Hoffman, assistant to the secretary of defense for public affairs, told reporters at a Pentagon news conference today. We’re relying on border patrol ...

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Labor Day Marks 74th Anniversary of Japan’s WWII Surrender

As the United States enjoys its Labor Day holiday, it’s also marking the 74th anniversary of the formal and unconditional surrender of Japan. V-J Day — short for Victory over Japan Day — is observed in the United States on the anniversary of the formal signing of the Instrument of Surrender aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Japan’s Tokyo Bay ...

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Small Steps Save Lives When Person Is at Risk of Suicide

In September, the Defense Department is kicking off Suicide Prevention Month with a reminder: Small steps save lives. Dr. Karen Orvis, director of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office, said taking simple safety measures and precautions can prevent someone who’s distraught or depressed from taking his or her own life. Speaking at the 2019 Suicide Prevention Conference sponsored by the Department ...

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Intel Director: Intel Sharing, AI/Machine Learning, Open-Source Intel to be Top Priorities

Within a decade, China and Russia’s militaries will be using data visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning and possibly quantum encryption and communications, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said. These tools are used to collect, analyze and secure data accurately and at high speeds. Both China and Russia realize that “whoever can leverage the data and understands that can ...

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Army to Take Industry Approach on Capability Upgrades

While automakers and other industries are good at streamlining their processes to incorporate the latest technologies and roll out new models in a relatively short time to stay ahead of the competition, the Army traditionally has been slow to identify and field new capabilities, Acting Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy said. McCarthy spoke at the Foundation for the Defense of ...

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‘C-Rats’ Fueled Troops During and After World War II

An old saying declares that an army marches on its stomach, meaning it needs food to survive, thrive and conquer. Soldiers, sailors and Marines were often far from their mess halls, galleys and field kitchens during World War II, so they had to haul around heavy boxes of prepackaged food to survive. The rations they carried were known as C-Rations, ...

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Space Development Agency Addresses Growing Capability Gaps

The space domain is vital to warfighters, with information from satellites used for such things as communications, missile tracking and navigation. However, there are gaps that near-peer competitors such as China could exploit, said Derek M. Tournear, acting director of the Defense Department’s Space Development Agency. Exploitation could include spoofing, cyberattacks, jamming and even satellite kill vehicles, he added. Tournear ...

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Freedom of Navigation Vital to Security, Commerce

To guarantee a free and open Indo-Pacific region, the United States will continue to exercise its right to navigate above, below and on the sea in international waters, including in the East and South China seas, the commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said at the Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado. More than half the world’s population and wealth is ...

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