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Jill Biden Calls to vote for Good over Evil in November

[T]hose polls are going to turn … because … as people … become educated on … the differences between the two men, I believe Americans are going to choose good over evil.

Jill Biden, May 29, 2024

In 2022 under Joe Biden a record number of people, 853, many of them children, died at Biden’s southern border.   By contrast, the number of deaths at the southern border in Trump’s final year, 2020, was only 254.  That’s a lot of extra dead people on Biden the Good’s watch compared to Trump’s watch.  Isn’t it a bit odd to call the person “evil” whose policies resulted in fewer dead people, and dead children, at the southern border?  Wouldn’t the description “evil” apply more appropriately to the person whose policies issued in the far greater number of dead people and children?  This is not even counting the innocent Americans, like Laken Riley, killed by illegal aliens admitted under Biden. Asked about the murder of Riley, Biden the Good, callously answered: “[B]ut how many thousands of people are killed by legals?” Very compassionate from Biden the Good!

But hasn’t Biden told us he has done everything possible to secure the border and reduce the number of dead migrants about whom he virtue-signals to care so much?  In fact, when Biden was campaigning, he said”: “I would make sure that … we immediately surge to the border all those people are seeking asylum. … That’s who we are.”  Are all those dead people, and dead children, really “who we are” Joe? 

Didn’t Biden brag about reversing all of Trump’s immigration policies immediately upon taking office?  How, therefore, can the Biden say he have done everything possible to get the southern border under control when they replaced Trump’s successful policies with Biden’s deadly unsuccessful policies?  The statistics show that the massive increase in border deaths began immediately after the Biden took office.  In the last two years of the Trump administration, 2019 and 2020, the number of deaths at the southern border was 300 and 254  respectively compared with 568 and “more than 890” during 2021 and 2022, the first two years of Biden’s administration.   This is 554 for the last two years of the Trump administration compared with more than 1458 for the first two years of the Biden administration.  That is, there were at least 904 more dead people under Biden than under Trump over the respective two-year periods.  Isn’t that an awful lot more dead people for the less evil administration? 

The deaths in the US from fentanyl, which enters the United States through the open southern border, tells a similar story.  In the last two years of Trump’s administration, 2019 and 2020, opioid (predominately fentanyl) deaths numbered around 48, 000 and 69,000, compared with a much higher 81,000 and 82,000 for the first two years of the Biden administration.   That’s about 117,000 for the last two years of the Trump administration compared with (See Fig. 3) about 163,000 for the first two years of the Biden administration or a total of 44,000 more deaths under Biden than under Trump.  And these are not deaths of non-citizens entering the country illegally, but of Americans, our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.  Isn’t it a bit odd that the allegedly more-evil Trump administration oversaw 44,000 less dead Americans than the allegedly more “good” Biden administration over the respective two-year periods? 

Further, while all these people, and children, were dying at the southern border, the Biden administration was telling us that the Border is secure.  Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alejandro Mayorkas, born in communist Cuba (great choice to guard our borders Joe!), stated for three years, sometimes under oath to congress, that the border is secure.  However, now that it is an election year, comrade Mayorkas has suddenly discovered that the Border is not secure!    Wouldn’t an administration that is not evil make the effort to discover all these dead people, and dead children, at the southern border without waiting for an election year to turn on the television?  

Isn’t it a bit odd that the allegedly less evil Biden administration calls half the country, Trump’s voters, extremist threats to democracy in a dark speech that led to a “backlash” reported by liberal magazine Newsweek?  Isn’t it a bit odd that the allegedly less evil Biden administration is trying to put its main political rival in prison with fake legal theories, whereas Trump talked about putting Hillary in jail in the 2016 campaign but never did it after elected?  Isn’t it a bit odd that the allegedly less evil Biden administration lectures the peasants that it is dangerous to criticize our institutions but ignores SCOTUS rulings that forgiving student debt is unconstitutional and does it anyway to buy votes in an election year?  Isn’t it odd that the less evil administration embraces the evil of “late term” abortion in which the foetus definitely feels pain?  Do these people mean anything they say? 

Isn’t it a bit odd that when asked by a reporter if Trump is now, banana republic style, a political prisoner, Biden “flashed what some [in the media] called an ‘evil’ grin.” 

Isn’t it a bit odd that as soon as the allegedly evil Trump administration left office and Biden the Good took over in Jan. 2021, destructive deadly new wars with piles of dead people broke out all over the world in Ukraine, Israel, the disaster in Afghanistan, not to mention China initiating “punishment” war games around Taiwan?

One cannot think of a time in past decades that one candidate for president defined their opponents as “evil”?   The tradition had been that one respects one’s political opponents because that is entirely necessary to bring the country together.  One may disagree with their views but one does not demonize them to that degree.  Isn’t defining one’s political opponent as evil itself evil with terrible consequences for the country? After all, if one defines one’s political opponent as evil, how can one concede to them on election night if one loses?  Isn’t Biden telling us right now that Trump’s main sin is that he refused to concede the 2020 election?   Since one cannot concede to evil, isn’t Biden telling us they will refuse to concede if Trump wins in 2024?  Maybe some in what remains of our “news media” should ask Biden the Good how he is going to concede to evil if Trump wins?  Have they even thought about that?  Do they really think about anything or is it all only gibberish to gain about money and power?

Does Biden even know the difference between good and evil?

Jill Biden tells is that we should vote for good over evil.  If that means voting for less dead people, and dead children, at the southern border, less fentanyl coming into the country killing Americans, including children, respecting SCOTUS rulings rather than trying, unconstitutionally, to buy votes by ignoring them, not trying to put one’s political opponents in jail with fake legal theories, not dividing the nation by calling half the population extremists, not, by virtue of one’s incompetence and weakness, engendering new deadly wars all over the globe, etc., etc., one can reach only one conclusion: 

Vote Trump 2024!

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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  1. Yes it’s gibberish when she speaks about good v. evil. It’s about money and power as the writer speculates.

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