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The “Unheavenly City” And Democrat Politicians

In Edward Banfield’s book, “The Unheavenly City”, the author attempts to explain the cause of crime in American cities by stating that criminals simply are unable to foresee their eventual capture and punishment at the time they commit their crimes.

In the last three years of the Biden administration we’ve seen obvious proof of Banfield’s theory by watching crime escalate dramatically when far-left Democrat prosecutors and Attorneys General refuse to punish criminals once they’ve been captured. But Banfield’s theory can be taken a step further when investigating the criminal mind, because even today’s Democrat party has been unable to foresee an unfavorable outcome to an absence of punishment of serious crimes. Also, defunding and firing police officers in spite of an increasing crime rate, which has been a Democrat practice since 2020, has caused some major cities in America to experience a total collapse, due to Democrat stupidity.

But one can extend Banfield’s theory beyond the common criminal, who is often raised poor, uneducated and without hope for the future, to the current elected Democrat political officials in America. If common criminals continue lives of crime because they can’t visualize getting caught and being punished for their crimes, then it’s logical that a lack of vision into the outcomes of official decisions is why the Democrat party has become so devastatingly destructive to the lives of American citizens.

For example, Joe Biden, even with numerous warning signs and expressed warnings from Republicans, had no idea that inviting poor people from all over the world to cross our borders and enter the United States en-mass would include many criminals and insane people among their number, and that one of them would horribly murder a young woman in Athens, Georgia. Any intelligent person would be able to imagine possible horrors resulting from such a truly stupid decision from a president, but not if that president was intentionally reversing the successful policies of his predecessor, in this case President Donald Trump and his remain-in-Mexico border protection policy. Biden was in such a fit to undo anything Trump had accomplished, that opening our borders was one of the first things he did upon taking office. And that was not the only idiotic thing Biden did; he also halted drilling and refining of gasoline; he bailed out college students of their tuition loans; he ordered American citizens to buy electric cars, which destroyed the value of their current automobiles and left them fearing a life trying to pay for the very expensive and impractical EVs; he imposed the racial and gender woke-ism of the American left on military units, thereby causing uncertainty in those units and a sudden reduction in meeting recruitment objectives for military recruiters; he ordered Americans to begin using only the products approved by government, for example, stoves and water heaters that government approved of; and he set standards for electrical generation into the power grid that would allow only solar and wind power sources to provide power for America.

And how about the idiotic pride of Democrat governors and mayors when they bragged about the heavenly sanctuary that their states and cities presented to the homeless and those good people seeking sanctuary in America from the hell of their own home nations. And now we see the mayors of New York City and Chicago, among many others, weeping at the economic and social destruction Biden’s open border has caused, and the crime that has accompanied the invasion of our borders.

When other-wise intelligent and accomplished people make stupid decisions because they are unable to imagine a bad outcome, the damage they do is often contained to personal or local impact. But when Democrat presidents, governors and mayors make such awful decisions, they can negatively and disastrously impact the entire nation, along with their own local communities. So now America is facing serious economic and social destruction as our major cities are destroyed, our military is undermined by racial and gender charges from government officials, and Biden’s policies assure Iran will develop a nuclear weapon soon. These fool Democrats should never have been voted into office in the first place, but must be kept from other offices in the future.

And Democrat politicians are doubling down on the harm they are doing to America, with the threats they are presenting to democracy itself. They constantly accuse Republicans of cheating in elections and try to make American citizens fearful of Donald Trump seeking re-election, claiming he will use dictatorial powers if he becomes president again, while Biden has repeatedly made dictatorial edicts that have harmed America and are in violation of the constitution of the United States. And no one can have missed the Democrat dual-lane justice system, as Donald Trump has been bombarded with a load of indictments, all of which are political in nature, and all of which have produced no similar Democrat defendants responding to similar trumped-up, fraudulent charges. Only Republicans are being persecuted by Biden‘s Department of Justice.

It’s one thing to say that Democrats always make decisions that create greater problems than the original problem, but there must be a reason for these bad decisions. One can always conclude that Democrats think like criminals and make illogical decisions, or, given the Democrat insistence that men can lactate and that they can become pregnant, they may simply just be insane. Either way, we must keep Democrats from public offices forever.

If we don’t vote all Democrats out of office in November of this year our nation will likely be cast on the junk-heap of history.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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