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Biden is Complaining About the ‘Shrinkflation’ His Crappy Economy Caused

Biden has decided that “Shrinkflation” – when companies reduce the amount of product provided instead of raising prices – is greed by food makers. Absolutely no one, outside of his cache of twits, agrees with him.

The White House took to social media Sunday releasing a post on X (formerly Twitter) that received scathing comments, and a YouTube video on which they disallowed comments, both calling shrinkflation a “rip off.”

“You are getting less for every dollar you spend”, a graphic in the tweet reads. Well, that’s true since the one thinking that truly is shrinking is the buying power of the dollar. That’s why it costs more than $11,000 more this year to buy the same stuff we needed before Bidenomics screwed everything up.

“Now do the dollar… Talk about shrink,” Gee replied on X.

“Ah yes a wonderful Sunday morning, coffee in hand, and the White House GASLIGHTING Americans. Wait what?!?,” Zac posted.

“Government causes that, not greed. Government rips us off– no one else,” replied Liberty Never Sleeps.

Massive spending (both domestic and foreign) and record debt are what is making everything more expensive and it is all coming from the White House.

The fact that food makers are having to go to smaller boxes, packages and bottles is because at least they understand that families can’t afford to have their grocery bills growing faster than their paychecks. So smaller packages for the same price is their only choice.

So when you see that 14.5 oz soda, or the ‘small party’ size bag of chips for Super Bowl, just say “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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