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Kamala On Tour With Soft Media

Two interviews with Vice President Kamala Harris this week showed how soft the Media will be on the Biden Administration, specifically the Vice President, during this election year. Laura Coates of CNN and Katie Couric on her Podcast, Next Question, embarrassed themselves as journalists. Embarrassed is a harsh word, but when you have an opportunity to speak one-on-one with anyone, you have a responsibility to challenge responses with sharp, insightful follow-up questions. You need to push back on answers that you know are not accurate. Neither of these women challenged any comment from the Vice President and were complicit with their soft-hitting questions. They did not do their jobs for the American people.

Coates was especially patronizing with her question to Harris about the criticism she receives from her critics. Here is the question:

COATES: “Let me ask you one more question. I’m struck just in your presence. I was watching you on stage, watching the reactions from the crowd, looking you in the eye with your passion that you were displaying and talking about so many issues. And yet, you hear candidates suggesting that a vote for President Biden, because of his age, is somehow a vote for you. And that is hurled as an insult. It’s intended to demonstrate some negative viewpoint towards you. What is your reaction to this thought that with your background in particular, with your career, that there is some thought that you are incapable?”

You know the question will not be a fastball under the chin when it starts with the reporter stating how awe-struck she was by Harris. This was obviously a staged and rehearsed campaign spot and not an interview. There was no fact-finding, There was no digging. Kamala Harris had free reign to spew talking points that were simply false.

The same scenario played out with Couric. It was a love fest where Couric was happy just to have the Vice President on her podcast and forgot that people tune in to podcasts for content, and what Harris supplied was tainted at best. She went into a monologue about what would happen if Trump were to win in November, which should be canned as a premium example of projection.

Couric queried Harris about David Axelrod’s warning to Biden to “get going”

I appreciate where he’s coming from — we all know what’s at stake, right? We talked about a lot of issues today, you and I, most of which are not binary. These are complex issues. [But] November of 2024 is binary — on the other side you’ve got someone who has said that if he were back in office, he would weaponize the Department of Justice. Someone who has openly applauded insurrectionists as patriots, and who has said that they will go after their political enemies and applauds dictators, indicating that he would be one. So let’s be really clear about what’s at stake. Of course there’s then a desire to get out there, because we can’t lose this democracy. We can’t. And I am motivated by that passion.

First of all, to even allude to Trump weaponizing the Justice Department, Harris has to think we are ignorant or possess very short memories. No President in history has ever turned his Justice Department, including the FBI, against candidates of the other party or their citizen backers. Biden has gone after people who have not agreed with the Department of Education, Radical Catholics, and has worked with DAs in creating a maze of charges and trials for Trump to navigate when he would rather be campaigning. Biden also wants thousands of IRS agents to go after middle-class Americans when his son is charged with not paying his taxes. Trump kept our enemies at bay, and many of our adversaries will not even communicate with Biden. If we want to talk about insurrection, we have to discuss over 300,000 illegals coming into our country daily. And it burns me up when politicians talk about destroying our Democracy. We do not have one. We are a Constitutional Republic of 50 states.

If this is a preview of the next ten months, we better get ready for the Kamala fantasy tour, and the truth be damned.

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