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Top Children’s Hospital Reimbursed Over $1.4 Million in Taxpayer Money for “Gender Transition Services”

Dear Rest of America

There’s an old saying: “knowledge is power.”

Yes, and awareness of where our taxes are funneled—albeit legally for perceived “healthcare”—is knowledge worthy of being powerful, and influencing the course of the next governor’s council assembly and hearing.

So let’s get straight to the point.

According to records obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the state of Massachusetts issued over $1.4 million worth of taxpayer money to Boston Children’s Hospital, for providing so-called “gender transition services” to young patients at its Center for Gender Surgery.

That’s a mouthful to swallow, but it’s only the beginning.

More specifically, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services of Massachusetts confirmed that $1,411,242 flowed into America’s nationally ranked hospital for such “services” between January 1, 2015, and May 1, 2023—including “inpatient and outpatient, hospital services, surgical services, prescribed drugs, therapies.”

Boston Children’s Hospital, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, proudly writes about its Gender Multispecialty Service as “the first major program in the U.S. to focus on gender-diverse and transgender adolescents” and is “committed to providing the highest level of individualized, safe, and affirmative care” to such patients.

Indeed, the hospital has added an additional message in light of “proposed legislation aiming to restrict the rights of transgender and gender diverse youth” in other states—but not including Massachusetts, which reportedly harbors the “most liberals” in the U.S.

To emphasize this dedication, The Journal of Clinical Medicine, which is connected to the National Institutes of Health, highlights that America’s leading pediatric hospital performed 204 “transgender surgical” procedures, including 65 double mastectomies on underage girls, over the span of three years starting in 2017.

Talking of mastectomies, according to a webpage that has since been removed from the hospital’s website, albeit remaining archived, its Center for Gender Surgery explains that “chest surgery” was available to patients at least 15 years old given two letters from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. 

The chronicled webpage states that “gender affirmation” surgeries at the center included two forms of phalloplasty for those who were at least 18 years old, and males who desired a vaginoplasty had to be at least 17 years old—all three genital-related procedures required three letters from medical professionals.

To mention the obvious, Boston Children’s Hospital conveys a message of serious commitment towards aiding the mindset of young people who, in their sense of awareness—in whatever capacity of conscious knowledge of their character, feelings, values and motives—desire to be the opposite sex.

By all means, the hospital offers no shortage of services.

Founded in the late 1800s by Civil War surgeon Francis Henry Brown, the hospital now offers “Transgender Reproductive Health Service,” which includes:

  • “[G]ynecologic concerns for people on gender-affirming testosterone therapy”

  • “[M]enstrual suppression”

  • “[G]ender-affirming hysterectomies” for patients over 18 years old

  • “[C]are of neovaginas for people who have undergone gender-affirming vaginoplasty” 

The level of cosmetic surgery offered to distort a patient’s otherwise healthy body is arguably in dire contrast to treating children in Boston City’s South End—and removing bacteria from milk in the 19th century.

On a “Gender Services” resources webpage, the hospital provides an exhaustive list for patients who want to emulate the appearance of the opposite sex, including ways male teenagers can use duct tape for “safer tucking” to give the appearance of having a vagina; and how female teenagers might use “safer binding” techniques to compress their chest.

Simply put, additional “support” contacts and services will ensure such young people can receive specialized assistance, be it for mental, emotional—and in many cases, physical altering purposes.

While many of us might complain and grumble about Boston Children Hospital’s commitment towards aiding a troubled teenage mindset and, in fewer cases, initiate hoax bomb threats—such actions do not cease the dedicated, organized agenda in normalizing the idea of physically mutilating an otherwise healthy, God-given body, to align with a disturbed mindset.

As detailed in a previous article, survey data collected between 2017 and 2020 estimates that 1.4 percent of 13 to 17-year-olds identify as “transgender,” a sheer contrast to those 65 and older, where only 0.3 percent identify as such.

And with a changing society—within the United States or Anglosphere and Western European nations at least—giving rise to growing troubled identities, the number of Americans undergoing surgery in hopes of changing their “gender” has skyrocketed over the last several years, according to a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association Network.

Noted as a “remarkable increase,” medical-driven bodily destruction for ages 12 to 40 grew threefold between 2016 and 2019, from roughly 4,600 to 13,000, with under-18-year-olds forming nearly 3,700 of the surgeries.

And if we trace back to the start of the new century, the number of patients seeking “transgender procedures” almost doubled between 2000 through 2005, and then doubled again from 2006 to 2011.

The concerning study also reveals that state-funded insurance Medicaid covered almost 25 percent of patients who experienced such body modification and mutilation.

Talking of programs funded entirely or in part with state dollars, it is this author’s opinion that:

“America needs a revival of Christian thought, starting at a local level, interwoven into the hearts and minds of our nation’s youth, so that they may emerge as young adults with a strong conviction of what they stand for as good patriots and responsible citizens.”

Now considering the fact that there are still enough Americans with common sense and Godly decency, a reaction has initiated to ban medical-approved moral malpractice, at least where children are involved in Republican-controlled states. For example, Missouri and Tennessee have passed bills restricting minors from having access to such surgeries, including puberty blockers and hormones, and to prevent biological men from competing in women’s sports.

Many concerned Americans, who are often socially conservative-leaning and working through the Republican party, are reacting to a situation they would’ve otherwise never given much thought. Conservatives usually like to conserve traditions, which includes America’s underpinning nuclear family unit.

Yet, this author firmly believes we need to restore Bible study in schools nationwide, starting at the kindergarten level. The burning question, is often, how to initiate such proposition against a current of anti-Christian thought pulsing through mainstream culture.

As further explored in a previous article entitled, “Data Reveals Young Americans Identifying as LGBT Hits Record Levels—How Do We Treat This Advancing National Cancer?,” the loss in America’s moral Christian code may be associated with the rise in every conceivable behavior or lifestyle that is best confined to the quiet fringes of society, compassionate therapy—and in seeking salvation from the Lord.

The rise in “transgenderism” is akin to a cancerous tumor that needs to be rooted out before spreading more aggressively to the next generation of youth:

“To those who sympathize with a Christian worldview, a targeted treatment for removing this malignant tumor begins by teaching children the Bible—and in this day and age, that might be at home or homeschool pods.

Living the inspired Word of God among families develops the ability to identify falsehood disguised as truth, and discern wrong when it feels very right.

Learning Biblical scripture at a local level maintains compatibility with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in:

  • recognizing our Natural rights;

  • maintaining separation between church and state;

  • and respecting our Founding Fathers’ belief in the ideas of limited government, including certain restrictions to protect the individual rights and civil liberties of citizens.”

Expressing a view in multiple ways is necessary, so here is a summary for the activists, and proactive parents and educators among us:

Reader, do you have any other suggestions for steering the dynamics of normative culture? Please share in the comments section.

Content syndicated from Dear Rest of America with permission

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