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Bidenomics: The Fairy Tale And Other Leftist Lies

Joe Biden was in Colorado this week to push his Bidenomics Program and how it has the American economy on the right track. For a man who grew up on the railroad, the economy may be on the right track but is heading in the wrong direction. You can stand behind the microphone, as his Press Secretary does daily, and tell stories and call them facts, but the American people are tuned in to this Biden Gaslighting. The truth is not on Joe’s side, but he refuses to give up the lie called Bidenomics.

Marie Harf appeared on the Faulkner Focus this week, and I know as a Socialist, she has to, but even a Radical Leftie must know she is not being truthful. She praised Biden for lower Gas and food prices than last year, but that is comparing today’s costs against the peak of Biden’s Inflation. That is like telling Mrs. Lincoln to hang in. The second act will be better. The latest statistics indicate the increased cost of living for the average family is more than $11,000 annually, more than what it cost in 2021. That increase is forcing families to use savings, early withdrawal from retirement accounts, or credit cards to make ends meet. That is why Biden’s approval ratings are mired in the 30s, which are not numbers to campaign on.

Biden was touting the 14 million jobs he created but failed to say 12 million people are going back to work after the pandemic. The majority of the net gain in new jobs are Government jobs and do not indicate economic growth. Biden talks about his brilliant mandate to have all Americans in electric vehicles in the same week he received notice of 3,900 car dealerships who will not back Biden’s EV car push. The car manufacturers are losing billions, there are 16-18 months of EV inventory sitting in new car lots, and 25% of all car dealerships now refuse EVs from the factories. One thing that Joe Biden forgot, or never knew, was you cannot dictate change on the American consumer. Change has to be their idea, and electric vehicles are not on many wish lists. Those good-paying union jobs Biden takes credit for in 2023 may become record layoffs in 2024.

It is very concerning for me that the truth and facts no longer seem to matter. As Fox Contributor Lisa Booth aptly wrote on X, we now live in a “post-truth era.” The Right has been fighting the team of the Left and the media. In the past, it may have been a difference of opinion or interpretation of an issue. Now, it is a case of the facts versus a narrative. Folks on the Left feel empowered to stray from the truth because what they say will be supported by the mainstream media. As we see every day from Karine Jean-Pierre and Gavin Newsom in his recent debate with Ron DeSantis, a statement does not have to be factual as long as it ends with the words; that’s a fact. It is as if those few words give indisputable credibility to their message, and then the people who get their news from these sources are getting inaccurate news.

We see thousands of naive people marching and demonstrating worldwide against Israel and for Palestine/Hamas. There is no such country as Palestine, and they refuse to believe the horrendous acts performed by Hamas on October 7th. They have been given a false narrative, bought it, and took to the streets in protest. It is easy to see how these same people will fall victim to the lies of the Left and think the country is in good hands with Biden/Harris. God bless us if this plan works.

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Ray Cardello

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