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‘This Is Your Legacy’: Ingraham Lights Into Elite University Donors For Supporting ‘Cesspool’ Of ‘Hatred’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted donors to elite universities Thursday, saying their financial backing supported a “cesspool” of “hatred” after pro-Hamas demonstrations erupted on campuses across the U.S. following Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Israel.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) held demonstrations Thursday supporting Hamas in the wake of the attacks, which killed over 1,000 people, including at least 27 Americans. The group announced plans for the protests as a “Day of Resistance” Tuesday.

“College campuses have seen an explosion in the number of far-left student groups, often with socialist tenets or neo-Marxist origins,” Ingraham said. “But these groups aren’t the liberals of the old free-speech variety. They have gone from being antiwar and demanding First Amendment rights to being deeply anti-American and now passionately pro-terrorism.”


Ingraham took aim at major corporations and billionaires like Bill Gates noting their massive donations to universities where the protests took place.

“I love how all these college presidents and deans are trying to cover their tracks distancing themselves from these pro-Hamas organizations on campus, but I’m not buying it for one minute,” Ingraham said. “They have always known that these groups supported political violence. In 2020, the BLM riots and now the savage killing by Hamas. University officials either agree with the anti-American supporters of violence, or they are just too afraid to challenge them. Meanwhile, corporate America and wealthy donors shower these universities with billions and billions of dollars. Philanthropic giving to higher ed increased by 12.5 percent to $59.5 billion. Three donations totaling 431 million into Harvard in one recent year alone, from Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates and the UAE.”

“Let’s be brutally honest here: Academia for decades has been a cesspool of anti-American and anti-Western hatred. Hatred of all things traditional,” Ingraham added later. “They stopped opposing voices from even speaking on campus.”

Ingraham then played video of a crowd shouting down former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines at San Francisco State University, where she had been slated to speak at a Turning Point USA event on April 6.

“It’s not surprising that young people who have been taught lies for education just reflexively repeat them and expect standing ovations,” Ingraham said. “For the time has come for everyone responsible for this, the administrators, professors, the donors who pay for it all, to look into the mirror and realize that this this is your legacy.”

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