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Kamala, It Is So Weak Just To Say It Is Broken

Kamala Harris appeared on 60 Minutes this week in another campaign appearance on what used to be called a News show. After the last two weeks of Joe and Kamala appearing on the Sunday night show, CBS should announce the Biden/Harris re-election campaign has bought the News Magazine. The softball questions in both interviews were pathetic and showed how far the media has fallen. Granted, most of the 60 Minutes staff are former journalists if they ever were. They have lost any journalistic integrity and are now just tools of the Left, or in this case, the White House. 60 Minutes should be forced to offer equal time for Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr.

The Southern Border questions emerged, and the Vice President went simultaneously into defensive and offensive mode. She did not address the 7 million unvetted illegals but immediately went after Congress and the broken immigration system. First, what is happening in remote areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California has nothing to do with our immigration process. The people crossing illegally into our country, with or without Cartel assistance, have no interest in legal immigration. The legal process takes too long for these folks, and crossing the Rio Grande is a more expeditious method.

Next, Vice President Kamala Harris was given the project of solving the Southern Border situation nearly three years ago. She has not brought one solution to the table. Harris has yet to visit the Border. She made cursory visits to Texas and California but has yet to present a remedy or solution to Congress. As a function of her job and as President of the Senate, she can convene the upper House of Congress to debate and formulate a plan to correct immigration. It is far easier to criticize the efforts of Congress, and as long as they are doing nothing on the problem, she has an automatic answer to anyone who broaches the subject. Deflecting is more effective for the Vice President than solutions. That is why she has an approval rating in the 30s.

She was asked a fascinating question on the 2024 race. Ben Whitaker asked the VP why Biden is running against a former President with over 90 indictments and is virtually tied. You and President Biden should be up by 30 points. This underhand softball question was from a news journalist or someone posing as one. Kamala responded that as we get closer to the election, people will start to pay attention to the details and that she and Joe will have a significant victory.

This interview was designed to bolster the status of the Vice President, who many claim is dragging Biden down and should be replaced on the ticket. The criticism that Harris is receiving today shows the interview backfired miserably. Whether on the Border, Israel, Ukraine, gun violence, or the 2024 election, Kamala Harris responded with indirect monologs that showed her weakness on every issue. Joe Biden may have passed her prime. Kamala Harris showed America on Sunday night that she has no prime. Harris is the poster child of the mediocrity of the Biden Administration.

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