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It’s Amazing How Awakened Democrats Have Suddenly Become, After Calling Republicans Racists And Haters For 20 years

Does anyone else recall the self-congratulating attitudes of Democrats following the destruction of the towers on 911, which put on full display what Islamists intend for America? We were severely warned and lectured by Democrats that it could be considered racism and religious intolerance if anyone, in any form and at any time, dared to warn Americans that Islamic people might be of danger to our persons or our nation.

The likes of CNN, NYT and WAPO took any statement made by a Republican that there are dangerous people in the Middle East who mean us harm, as an act of treason, and we were called intolerant and hateful if such comments were made. And there were even counts of how many times a week Democrat celebrities in the news business heard anti-Islamic comments, and Republicans were all called racists.

But now that Israel has been hit hard with anti-Semitic murders and kidnappings, all of a sudden it’s woke and stylish to call out Islamic murderers as criminals.

Here are some recent examples of these formerly racist words now being mainstream and acceptable in polite conversations:

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, referred to a “spike in domestic threats linked to Israel’s war against Hamas militants”.

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City said: “We are not all right when we see grandmothers being pulled away from their homes and children shot in front of their families. We are not all right when Hamas believes that they are fighting on behalf of something and the destructive and despicable actions they carried out”.

Mayor Adams also said “This was intentional. This was something that shows Hamas must be disbanded and destroyed immediately”.

Question: What were these two good Democrats and woke believers of the very leftist society of Joseph Biden talking about with these statements? They were talking openly about Muslims, and they were using language that would have gotten Donald Trump branded as an Islamic hater and a racist if he had uttered such statements.

But now that Joey Biden has said that he sides with Israel and that he condemns what the Hamas criminals have done in Israel, it’s suddenly acceptable to speak the truth about the Islamic murderers and to warn Americans to be on the watch for such people, and even fear them for what they might be planning to do to you and your family.

And now that Joe Biden’s wide open border has encountered some Lebanese and Syrian people of interest trying to cross illegally into America, including about 10 million other illegal invaders who have illegally crossed into our nation these last three years, viola!, it’s time to worry, now that immense damage has already been done to the security of the United States by our Democrat president, with the opening of our national border to any group that wants to come here, for whatever purpose. And now the reality of the danger of militant Islamists is staring us right in our faces. Up to this point we have been warned by our lecturers in the Democrat party to not take Iran’s threats of death to Israel and America seriously, because the good intentions of Joey Biden and Chucky Schumer would keep us all safe and we needn’t worry about any attacks from the playful Muslims who have threatened us every day and who are developing nuclear weapons as quickly as they can.

It was the wise and sage Barack Obama and his dummy side-kick, old Joey Biden, who allowed Iran to keep working on a nuke, and it was Joey who wanted to give Iran six billion dollars in exchange for five hostages they were holding. These people are complete fools, and America must, in the future, keep these ignorant and dangerous Democrats out of public life, forever.

But it may already be too late.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Too late! That says it all about anything to do with ol’ joey biden and his administration. They’ve twiddled their thumbs and knotted their tongues over too much time until it might be too late to stop what others could have in store for us.

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