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Iran’s Plan Of Attack: First Israel, Then America

By now everyone is familiar with the horror of the Hamas monsters invading Israel and making war on civilians, torturing, raping and killing at their leisure and for their pleasure. And one must also recall that this invasion, supported and planned by Iran, is at least partially the fault of Joseph Biden, the alleged president of the United States, following his giving a formerly frozen fortune to Iran in exchange for American hostages they were holding.

And now, keeping in mind the hoard of Hamas animals crossing the border from Gaza into Israel and attacking as many civilians as they could find, one reflects on the millions of illegal aliens that Biden has allowed to cross America’s borders and be settled throughout the nation, with no knowledge of who they are, how healthy they are, whether they are terrorists or criminals in their home nations, and one is rightfully justified in assuming that America is next on the list of nations to be attacked by absolute animals like Hamas. America’s illegal alien invaders have had months residing in our nation to get settled, form up into gangs, get weapons gathered and make plans on which targets to go after first, wherever the resistance is weakest, which is everywhere, because the defund-the-police movement, strongly supported by Biden and his woke Democrat party have removed much of our first line of defense, our police forces, from the scene, mostly in Democrat-run cities and other islands of “sanctuary” offered to the citizens of the world, most of whom hate America.

Imagining the devastation these foreign invaders can do to this nation, and recalling that Democrat policy has been to force Americans to surrender our weapons of self-defense, and with little or no police protection, terrorists can loot, burn and kill for hours before any organized resistance can be engaged to stop them. We’re already familiar with the daily looting and beating rampages in San Francisco, New York and Chicago caused by our own citizens, and thinking of the damage and death that foreigners, who have been trained and encouraged to hate America can do, is frightening.

The Little Satan (Israel) is currently under attack by the forces of Iran, and the Great Satan (America) is next on the list for destruction.

President Biden took the day off Monday, three days after the Hamas attack, while our main ally in the Middle East fought for its life against barbarians, and Joey took the time off from being a responsible president and leader because he needs hours of rest and medication in order to appear and act like a normal human being, and he gave a televised speech Tuesday to belatedly address this most serious Israeli situation. But even with hours of rest and whatever pills he’s taking, he stutters, stammers and aspirates his words so much that no one can understand what the hell he’s trying to say. But one thing he did not mention on Tuesday is that Trump had peace in the Middle East nearly sewed up with his Abraham Accords, and Joey immediately pooped on those Middle East accords when he took office.

It’s appropriate at this time to mention that, whatever the subject you want to discuss, everything Joe Biden has touched these last three years, from the border, to national defense, to public safety, to inflation, to the economy, to race relations, to the price of fuels for home and auto, our idiot president has made all situations much worse than when he took office, and this fool man still has a year remaining in his term of office to finish his destruction of this once great nation. And so far no restrictions on invading our borders by the millions has even been suggested by the idiot Biden administration.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Scary thought that armed terrorists would plan a daylight attack with firearms and carry it out. There are so many armed citizens here. I would be more fearful of a bombing. We should be watchful for suspicious packages/briefcases/luggage always…

  2. Have your weapons loaded and ready. Ammo prices are high, but at least it is available now. Get stocked up.

    If Israeli citizens only had a 2nd Amendment, this would have been a very different dynamic. But they were sitting ducks, at the mercy of barbarians. Let’s not let this happen to us. They’ll have to forcibly take my guns. I will not volunteer to make myself and my family helpless victims.

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