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BLM At School Recommends Pro-Palestine Friendly Handouts For Kids

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) at School organization published a pro-Palestinian toolkit Tuesday for kids in schools following the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel.

Following the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel that killed over 1,400 people, multiple BLM-associated organizations, including Chicago BLM and BLM Grassroots, posted pro-Hamas statements that drew widespread condemnation. The BLM at School organization, which supplies schools with resources on BLM-related topics, began recommending resources for educators that teach the “ways in which Israel seeks to improve its dismal world image” after the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.

BLM at School recommends over a dozen websites with resources showing teachers how to teach about Israel and Gaza.

One of the websites is named Decolonize Palestine, which claims it’s a “myth” that Israel is a democracy. Another named Rethinking Schools, a social justice teaching website, recommends teaching about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which advocates for the United States divesting funds and support from Israel.

“Palestinians are reminding us that decolonization is not a metaphor or abstraction, but requires real, daily struggle,” BLM at School’s website reads.

“Education should be wielded in service of struggle. The ongoing fight to #TeachTruth in the U.S. must include Palestinian existence, resistance, culture, global contributions, and the ongoing struggle to realize a free Palestine. It also must directly name the ways that U.S. imperialism has fueled and supported apartheid and war crimes,” BLM at School’s website continues.

“We also want to encourage K-12 teachers and education activists to participate directly in the BDS movement. As teachers and teacher educators, we have pension funds, many of which are invested in corporations that contribute to and/or profit from the repression of Palestinian people,” Rethinking Schools’ website reads.

BLM at School also links to a website named Palestinian Youth Movement, an anti-Zionist website, that recommends sources on “resistance ranging from political histories, interviews, memoirs, poetry, films, and primary documents.”

“We refer to all forms of resistance taken up by Palestinians: in the form of economic resistance, women’s organizations, unions and labor organizing, and military/armed resistance,” the Palestinian Youth Movement’s website continues.

The national BLM organization backed away from Chicago BLM and BLM Grassroots when questioned by the Daily Caller News Foundation on its association with the groups, saying it’s “not affiliated.”

BLM at School did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

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