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It Was Such A Bad Week For Biden, He Is Going To The Beach

This was a week that the President will want to forget. It was a week where everything he touched turned to coal. It was a week where every weakness of Joe Biden was exposed, and the mainstream media got the nod to attack the President. This will be the week that history points to as the end of the Biden/Harris reign. To this point, the Biden administration has been off limits to criticism on every network except FOX. The rules changed this week, and the media is now tasked with ensuring Joe Biden does not win a Democrat primary, and actually, they are to ensure that Biden drops out of the race and takes Harris with him.

This is a massive gamble for the Democrats. We are quickly approaching deadlines to place your name on primary ballots. Should Biden be obstinate and refuse to drop out, the Democrats must roll the dice and stick with Biden/Harris 2024. Joe Biden is the only person who can remove him from the process. He and his handlers are not going to relent. Biden/Harris will be the ticket in 2024.

Every day this week brought a new and different challenge for the Biden Administration, starting on Sunday with the President’s speech in Hanoi. It was a rambling oration, and he lost his place on the agenda at the end and snapped at the reporters. He then walked off with reporters yelling questions at the President. Biden exited with the sounds of a jazz riff playing in the background.

Next came his 9/11 address to the troops in Alaska. Joe took serious heat for not attending one of the three attack sites to remember the day, but he really stepped in it when he falsely claimed he was at Ground Zero on 09/12. It didn’t happen, and the archive tapes prove he was in the Senate Chambers all day.

On Wednesday, he saw the Speaker of the House pull a card from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook and call for an impeachment inquiry without a House vote. Biden calls the inquiry illegitimate and may refuse to cooperate. His refusal to produce the documents requested may hurt him more than the actual content.

Thursday was a bleak day for all the Bidens as Hunter was indicted on three gun-related charges that carry 25 years of incarceration if convicted. He will never complete the sentence, but this trial will distract Joe’s campaign.

Friday closed the week with the announcement of CPI numbers, which rose for the second straight month and took the wind from its sails. The rising CPI number came as Joe was making a speech touting how well Bidenomics is working. Ditch the speech and walk away from the microphone, Mr. President. You cannot defend a program bringing negative results to the American people. If elections are still about kitchen table issues, then Biden will be retired in 2024 because the American people are sitting around the table but can no longer afford to put food on that table. The only thing the President can do after a week of misery is to head for the beach. And that is what he did.

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