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He Looked Into The Gates Of Hell, And Lied

It was bad enough that the President disrespected the victims and First Responders of 9/11 by breaking the tradition of attending one of the memorial services at the attack sites. Beyond his scheduling misstep, he stood in Alaska in the shadow of Air Force One and lied to the military personnel gathered to hear from their Commander in Chief. He started what should have been a very somber address with a joke with one of the assembled politicians. He then lied about his whereabouts on the day after 9/11. Documentation and video prove that Joe Biden spent the entire Wednesday, September 12, in the Senate Chambers. The whole country went into a travel lockdown, and he could not have traveled to Ground Zero had he wanted to.

Even his staff cannot walk back this lie that he spent much time expounding on. They contend that Joe got the timing wrong, but that does not work. Joe Biden is a pathological liar, but where is his team when his presentations are prepared? He was reading from a teleprompter, which means his team fed Joe his talking points. His staff is complicit in his continuous charade. Using lies for dramatic emphasis is a deplorable tactic for a speaker. It is inexcusable for the President of the United States, and Biden does it often. He has done it often with his relationship with AMTRAK staff whose families say were dead at the time Joe is referring to. The most disgusting lie is when Joe tells Gold Star families he understands their pain because he felt the same when his son Beau was killed in Iraq. He describes how he felt when Beau’s flag-draped coffin returned to America. It NEVER happened. I would scream that line if I could with the keyboard. Beau died of cancer in a hospital in America, surrounded by his family. It is unfortunate but far different than dying on a battlefield in a foreign land.

Telling this lie to 13 mothers watching their children’s bodies come home to them in wooden boxes is heartless, disrespectful, and insulting, for the truth is known by all. The history of Biden’s lies goes back decades. Joe Biden had to withdraw from two Presidential elections before 2020 when he was embarrassed after he got caught plagiarizing speeches. These humbling experiences were not enough to keep him from being Obama’s VP for eight years and President for four. He has been lying about his knowledge of his son, Hunter’s, business dealings that led to payments to the Bidens via 20 LLC shadow accounts. Now that Biden is the target of a fiscal deep-dive by Congress, he may have to admit the truth and apologize to America for lying about it for three years.

Maybe the press will have to finally acknowledge a story of corruption about the former Vice-President and now President is real. It is alarming that there is very little attention to a memo sent from the White House to media outlets demanding a moderation of reporting on the Impeachment Inquiry. This action further proves a Biden attack on the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press. Joe Biden is a corrupt President who has no regard for the Constitution or the Rule of Law.

Biden’s propensity to disregard the truth has permeated his entire staff, and Wednesday’s poor excuse for a Press Briefing is all the proof you need. KJP was joined by John Kirby and Jared Bernstein, the chair of the United States Council of Economic Advisers. The three of them distorted the truth on the Impeachment Inquiry, Iran prisoner purchase for $6 Billion, and the August inflation numbers respectively. Bernstein is one of the architects of Bidenomics yet, like KJP, read every answer to questions asked. This was a terrible display of Biden Administration incompetence, but at this point, should we expect anything more?

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Ray Cardello

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