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Democrat Stupidity Is Beyond Comprehension

In 2021 the new president opened our southern borders to all who would come to the promised land of America, and they came in droves.

These illegal aliens swarmed and overwhelmed the borders of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but the new Democrat president didn’t give a damn, and allowed the flow of illegals to continue unimpaired. In fact he even began selling parts of Trump’s old border wall as scrap. The childish Democrat president was being petulant and doing the opposite of what Trump had done, so no one could rebuild the wall that Trump had started building, and that Biden tore down.

After billions of dollars had been spent by the border states trying to handle and care for the infinite flow of illegals that Biden caused, the border states began busing some of these refugees to Democrat Northeast states, who had proudly and fondly spoken of their being sanctuary states who loved illegals and wanted to provide for their welfare, and had declared them welcome under the sanctuary banner of political leftism.

But the Northeast states and their leftist mayors and governors soon learned that the flow of illegals, the same flow that the border states had been forced to feed and house from the beginning of Biden’s term, was too expensive and that there was no room for all of these non-English-speaking, often sick and uneducated and always poor people, and they forwarded some of these suddenly unwelcome mobs to other cities and states in order to relax the increasingly uncomfortable and overcrowded situation in their jurisdictions, just as Texas and other states found them to be unwelcome and a plague on American citizens and state coffers from the beginning of Biden’s administration.

The Democrat mayors and governors blamed the Republicans in the border states for intentionally trying to harm the Northeast states with the illegals that were being forwarded north. But over time the flow of illegals north became so intense that the Northeast Democrat politicians sought federal assistance in housing and feeding this hoard of people that threatened to bankrupt them. But the fool Biden administration gave no recognition that there was any problem at all, and insisted that the border was securely closed and under control.

Soon the Democrat politicians in Albany and New York City began to fight each other, with the NYC mayor wanting to push this human mass of illegals north to Albany, and the New York governor insisting that NYC keep the unwanted people and find jobs for them.

So now the New York politicians seem to have decided that they want to find jobs for the tens of thousands of people existing uncomfortably in their state, thereby threatening the income and even the very jobs of those unfortunate American citizens who reside in the hell-holes of cities and states being run by Democrats. If Democrats begin hiring illegal aliens into jobs that don’t pay enough for Americans to support their families, thereby replacing the Americans and causing joblessness for them, the citizens will sink into poverty and become wards of the state, which is right where Democrats want all of us: under their commands for all of our basic human needs.

But lost on Democrats is that this entire disaster, which was avoided by the Donald Trump administration, is the fault of the top elected Democrat in the nation, Joseph R. Biden, and Democrats need to break ranks with the idiot in the White House and verbally and legally attack him and make him explain why he allowed this disaster to happen to our once great nation and make him pay for the avoidable horror he created and has watched become ever-worse, as it undermines the safety and security of our nation.

Democrats repeatedly create nasty social and moral situations so that they can use the crisis to raise taxes on Americans while pretending to resolve the mess that they, the Democrats, create, and recently they have made a habit of blaming MAGA Americans for the problems that Democrat politicians created, and calling them racists when they oppose the usual big-government solution the Democrats impose on the citizens of America.

One cannot be far wrong if one might finally decide that it’s time, recalling Rush Limbaugh’s warning, for patriotic Americans to panic at the loss of respect for law and order, and we need a return to government under the law and the constitution which can be respected by the American citizens, because it seems that with the literally insane policies coming from Democrats, our nation is about to fall into the valley of death.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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