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The Historical Period Called The “Dark Ages” Was More Enlightened And Logical Than The Current Biden “Woke Ages”

At least the dark ages had the excuse of a lack of science, a tradition of religious intolerance and a lack of free thought to account for its being called the “Dark” ages.

But the 20th Century and its insistence on free speech, democracy, religious tolerance and a scientific basis for public policy, has been raped and beaten by the Biden administration and its woke 21st Century policies. The Democrat position that men can bare children, that children should be surgically manipulated to be other than their birth sex, that parents have no right to have a say in the education and medical treatment of their children and that men should be free to compete in women’s sports, seem to any thinking person to be straight from the darkest of historic times, but they are actually from the 2020s when Democrats went insane for political power and began an endless racial and sexual rant across America.

Beginning in 2020 the mores and principles that have been common behavior for the last 600 years were discarded by woke Democrats. The fall of the Roman Empire began the period called the Dark Ages, and the fall of the American democratic government with its enlightened constitution and equal treatment under the law, began the period hereafter to be known as the “Woke Ages” of Joseph Biden.

Future societies will look back at the Biden administration and think of Americans as being the most ignorant bunch of fools in history because of the stupidity of government policy regarding our lack of traditional social mores and practices, such as the principle of locking up political opponents, and when the anti-science movement of the covid 19 period is investigated, people will wonder at the idiocy of forced masking and mandated vaccinations, and they’ll question how such a previously advanced civilization could have gone so wrong, so quickly.

Thinking people today know that the reason for this societal insanity lies with leftist politicians who want power and take every avenue possible to silence their political opponents via financial bankruptcy, imprisonment on trumped-up and corrupt charges, political allegations and a denial of their formerly constitutionally protected right to free speech and a citizen’s right to seek the personal happiness that they want for themselves.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. “The demorat position that men can bare children…” should read “…BEAR children…”. The word “bare” means naked or undressed.

    In reference to your opening sentence, we actually ARE living in a(nother) time of intolerance to free speech, lack of religious tolerance, lack of science. To many, it absolutely IS another “dark ages”. It’s just that now, we’re rolling back 200 years of freedom in favor of a new era of slavery – in which NORMAL people of ANY race or persuasion are being enslaved, while logic & common sense are thrown out the door.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps the most egregious development is the insanity of pushing minors, who aren’t fully mentally developed and can’t even drive yet, to “transition” and the idea that they should have have power over their parents. It is beyond comprehension; as is the idea that it’s OK to chemically castrate or physically mutilate children in the name of “gender affirmation”. Even worse is that the government wants to criminalize parents that disagree with this insanity. It’s not a political viewpoint, its criminal child abuse and should be prosecutable in every state in the union. We are not divided anymore by left vs. right but we are in an epic struggle against evil incarnate and witnessing a total war against faith and family that, if not stopped, will destroy western civilization as we know it. Yes, history will record the early decades of the 20th century as the new “Dark Ages”, when science became totally propagandized and politicized and Fascist’s the world over persecuted and prosecuted all those who disagreed. That is, if there is any history in the future.

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