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Our Upside-Down Immigration System Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Illegals While Booting Skilled Workers


Last month, I met a recent Ivy League graduate who devotes his computer-science skills to a Silicon Valley enterprise. He is bright, creative, and speaks perfect English with just a splash of a British accent. He wants nothing more than to thrive in the tech sector and, consequently, make America rich again.

Alas, this young man failed to score an H-1B visa when Customs and Immigration Services awarded them by lottery on March 27. Among 483,927 registrants, 85,000 received visas. But not him.

So, any day now, the Biden administration will take this highly educated, productive son of our closest ally and deport him. Back to Britain he will go — with his American dreams delayed or destroyed.

I have excluded this gentleman’s name, to shield him from retaliation by vindictive liars such as Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. They infamously slandered equestrian Border Patrol agents for allegedly using reins to whip Haitian illegal aliens on the Rio Grande.

They did no such thing.

Although DHS’ inspector general exonerated these public servants, Biden and Mayorkas kept defaming them as sadistic racists. These two evildoers, and their cruel minions, would not hesitate to expel and permanently banish this young Briton, if they identified him.

Meanwhile, in bitter contrast to this Englishman’s rejection, illegal aliens savor concierge service as they invade, overrun, and occupy America.

Three machine-gun-toting cartel members waltzed across the Tex-Mex frontier, near Eagle Pass, on August 5. The Border Patrol chased them, but they got away. These thugs are armed, deadly, and could be plotting evil, anywhere in America.

Some 200 illegal aliens stormed the border crossing at Brownsville, Texas, on August 8. Rather than wait patiently, they swamped Border Patrol officers, breached the checkpoint, and dashed into the interior. Who are they? Where are they? Who knows?

Over 100,000 illegal aliens have overpowered New York City since last spring. They clog the sidewalks outside and rooms inside the previously venerable Roosevelt Hotel, where bandleader Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians dazzled radio listeners with “Auld Lang Syne” on many New Year’s Eves.

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has converted soccer fields on Randall’s Island (in the East River) into a giant shelter for 2,000 illegals. Taxpayers starved for recreation and teenagers seeking team sports, rather than trouble, are out of luck.

This facility will cost $20 million per month or $10,000 for each illegal alien, every month. How many American citizens receive a staggering $120,000 in annualized welfare?

Madrid-based Marca.com estimated an average American’s yearly public assistance:

•$13,200 in housing subsidies
•$8,346 in Medicaid
•$234.42 in Food Stamps
•$7,404 in Supplemental Security Income
•$418 for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
•$2,411 in Earned Income Tax Credits

This totals $32,112.42. At least on Randall’s Island, foreign citizens who barged into America cost taxpayers 373.7% of that amount.

This is repulsive.

All told, Mayor Adams reckons that babysitting these illegals will cost Gotham’s exhausted taxpayers $12 billion by 2025. The long-term financial burden for these criminals is incalculable and excruciating.

While illegal aliens enjoy boutique hotels, low-income New Yorkers endure government-housing projects. Rather than room service, they get rats and roaches. Instead of maid service, the New York City Housing Authority’s 528,105 tenants stomach $78 billion in deferred maintenance.



This unfairness is vulgar.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis, polio, leprosy, and plague have cropped up in America. Doctors explain that these previously conquered diseases have reemerged, thanks, in part, to illegal aliens who storm in without medical exams, a requirement for immigrant-visa applicants.

[scribd id=666136417 key=key-IFNVc5SXRY7IFN2MPLXj mode=scroll]

Meanwhile, according to Customs and Border Protection, 144,571 illegals invaded America in June. Border Patrol agents apprehended 1,782,615 illegals during President Donald J. Trump’s final 29 months in power. In Biden’s first 29 months, they encountered an outrageous 5,606,785 illegals — up a calamitous 315%.

Comparing the plight of these pampered illegals and the legal, but spurned, H-1B lottery loser, America clearly has devolved into Upside-downia.

So, this modest proposal might begin to turn America back into Right-Side-Upistan:

Grant H-1B visas to all applicants with employers ready to hire them. Then, deport just as many illegal aliens whose first act in America violated federal law by breaking in with neither papers nor permission.

The United States would harness the diligence, energy, and innovation of these legal aliens and unleash desperately needed justice upon an equal number of taxpayer-sucking illegals who invaded America.

In short: Boot the illegal aliens. And may a million H-1Bs bloom.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor. Aaron Cichon contributed research to this opinion piece.

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  1. I hope the “skilled worker” is satisfied. Perhaps next time he’ll think twice about voting for a democrat.

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