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I didn’t do it the last time. There is ZERO chance I’ll be wearing a mask anywhere this time. I also never got a COVID vaccine or booster. Still here!

My little sister got vaccinated and she’s no longer with us. Heart attack before 50 shortly after getting vaccinated… yeah.


Commentary by Editor-in-Chief R. Mitchell. Editorial cartoon by Tom Stiglich (@TStig822).

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Tom Stiglich

Starting at a young age Tom Stiglich fell in love with cartooning. This lifelong endeavor has landed Stiglich in the most prominent papers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, TIME Magazine and more.

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One Comment

  1. It was all a horrible and deadly lie and yet, amazingly, it continues. Almost every day we read about an otherwise healthy young person dying of myocarditis. We have learned that Pfizer never did any transmission studies on the vaccine yet Fauci, all the mainstream and social media and even the President lied and said that the vaccine would prevent transmission and he called it the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”. Of course they also all lied and said it would prevent you from getting COVID. Then Biden mandated it for employment and put millions out of work as well as requiring tens of millions of students to get vaccinated; even though they were never in any mortal danger from COVID but are now seriously at risk from vaccine side effects which disproportionately affect young people. Over the past two years (2021 and 2022) more than 1,650 professional and amateur athletes have collapsed due to cardiac events and 1,148 have died. In fact, over the last fifteen months the number of athletes that have died is a 1,696% increase over the historical norm that we have numbers for the last 38 years. That average number is now 42 per month compared to 2 per month for almost 40 years (from 1966 to 2004). We are also now learning, based on the CDC’s own data, that there is a 1200% increase in severe menstrual abnormalities and a 57% increase in miscarriages. Of course, the long term effects on fertility are yet to be known.

    Now the CDC has unanimously declared that the COVID vaccine be added to the list of mandatory vaccinations before children can enter school even though they are in no mortal danger and more likely to be stuck by lightning. This is pure fraud because once the COVID shot is added to the vaccination schedule (even though it’s not actually a vaccine) the manufacturers will then be granted permanent indemnity against prosecution or financial consequences for adverse effects. Furthermore, many European countries have already banned injecting the vaccine into children and it is abhorrent and the worst kind of medical malpractice that we have not already done so here.

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