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Joe Biden’s Fictional Fire Falls On Deaf Ears In Maui

Joe Biden shows his lost cognitive skills when he recalls past events. Every time he reaches back, the stories become more vivid, dramatic, and fictional. He loves stories of his days on the train, and unfortunately for Joe, every one has been debunked. But that does not stop Joe or get his handlers to prevent him from embarrassing himself and damaging his already low credibility.

The President and Dr. Jill interrupted their second vacation this month to travel to Maui to witness the devastation caused by the wildfires two weeks ago. Since the fires, Biden has drawn much criticism for his lack of compassion and interest when asked for comments on the loss of life. His response of “No Comment” when boarding Marine One on his way to vacation in Delaware drew the ire of many. When he arrived in Maui yesterday, he was met by many lining the streets with “No Comment” signs to echo his words. The residents of Maui were also upset it took two weeks for the President to visit and the lack of Federal response and aid. Biden and his FEMA Secretary claimed every asset available was sent to Maui, but this was rebuked by officials and residents on the island.

Joe made some comments to the media and residents, and this is when he may have gone off script and got himself in trouble with the victims. These people have lost everything, their city reduced to ruins, over 100 confirmed dead, and still hundreds are missing, so the last thing they needed to hear was one of Joe’s fictional stories of personal woe. But that is what he gave them.

Nearly twenty years ago, Biden’s home in Delaware was struck by lightning. A small fire ignited in the kitchen area. Firefighters responded, and the fire was extinguished in twenty minutes with no individuals ever in harm’s way. There have been many Biden iterations of this story over the years, but none come close to the real story. Yesterday, he attempted to identify with the Maui victims by telling his tragic tale. In his version, the house was nearly burned to the ground, he almost lost his wife to the flames, his cat was nearly killed, and the clincher, his ’67 Corvette, was practically destroyed. Apparently, Joe keeps his beloved Vette in the kitchen along with boxes of Confidential documents! Even this exaggerated version does not equate to the losses incurred by the residents of Lahaina. Many of these people still await word on missing loved ones, and hearing Joe’s cat was in danger was not comforting. Nor were the comments that he wished he had worn boots as the heat from the charred turf was burning through his shoes.

Joe and Jill are now back at Lake Tahoe to resume their vacation. Many in Maui wish the President had given them the same treatment he gave to East Palestine or our Southern Border and stayed away. Their fear is this was a photo-op for the President and not a serious mission to see the damage and commit federal aid to get these people’s lives back in order. They cannot replace the lost property and are still wondering about the extent of lost lives, but they know the $700 per household promised by the President better not be his best effort at aid. That is not aid but an insult.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. Joe Biden lies so much it’s a natural thing for him to do. He’s such a buffoon that he speaks without thinking what the words he says may offend others! That’s why he is on vacation so much. To keep his gaffs to a minimum and damage control! He is the figurehead for socialism in America and is pushing this damnable “utopian” cancer upon Americans. Only those trying to institute socialism are for it while those living under it are totally against it!

  2. The Liar and Chief is at it again. Biden either has dementia or diarrhea of the mouth. And there is no cure for either one.

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