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Is America Suffering From Irreconcilable Differences

His versus hers. Black versus white. The Left versus The Right. Call or label it however you like. Americans are quickly approaching that point in a relationship where all communication and civility ends and the two sides split up their possessions, friends, and even the pets to go their separate ways. America is getting so polarized that there will not even be discussions about visitation rights. There will not be any.

There will be much finger-pointing and assigning of blame. The Liberal side will say the Conservatives are about keeping the races separate, sovereignty, focused on making money and destroying the world. The Conservatives will claim the Liberals have given up on America, erased her borders, lost their way on genders and families, and don’t know the difference between weather and climate. It has gone from differences in opinion to all-out war and well past the point of counseling. Holiday dinners will never be the same.

Vivek Ramaswamy had a conversation this week with a member of the LGBTQIA++ community that went viral online. I’m not too fond of the ++ and the term viral, but let’s stay on point. Vivek fielded the question with a calm, even voice, a well-thought-out answer, and compassion for the questioner and ended the interaction with a handshake and a thank you. This viral moment was what we used to call communication and manners, but neither of those traits exists in today’s American culture. They have been replaced with conflict and canceling. I am a fan of Ramaswamy and admire his brilliance and demeanor. Still, twenty years ago, this discussion would not have been newsworthy or garnered over one million views on people’s computer screens. This phenomenon proves that the two sides have lost the ability to share their thoughts, and when we see a glimmer of the past, it becomes a global event.

In 2020, Joe Biden promised to be the one to unite our country and return civility and decency to the White House. He lied, Americans bought it, and we now have the most incompetent, corrupt President in our history. Joe Biden will be credited with widening the gap and bringing us to the point of no return. And he did it with a whisper. So what do we do now?

Just like a breakdown of a family, the two sides have to be mature enough to share the same table the other side. We must force our way through the salad and main course and let the small talk begin over coffee and dessert. Who can fight over French-pressed coffee and Pecan pie? Just pass the cream and sugar, please.

It will take some time for the dust to settle to see what we have left of America, and then we need to rebuild her slowly and somehow as one. This is what we need in 2024 is someone who can counsel our differences but with the strength and courage to ensure the finished product resembles the design of our forefathers. They must have the traits that Vivek Ramaswamy still does and be an example of what it means to be an American. It may sound impossible, but it is our only hope for if Biden pulls off another miraculous victory, he will continue to drive the wedge between us and complete the job of Barack Obama to transform America.

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Ray Cardello

As a lifelong Conservative and resident of New Hampshire, Ray Cardello is positioned to speak with common sense about the happenings of the nation and the region. Conservative View from New Hampshire is Ray’s second blog and podcast effort in 20 years. He has published over 1,000 articles since January 2021, is syndicated on 15 websites, and is published on over 65 sites. Ray is passionate about his writing and sees the Internet as the only way for Conservatives to compete with the mainstream media. Ray claims there will be much to discuss as we move forward and his blog will not focus strictly on Washington but will also delve into State and Local issues as well. There is so much going on and so little factual sources of information to rely on.

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  1. I am tired of the bellyaching for civility and the appropriate venue to express what is common sense. I am done making nice to the perverse, abnormal, anarchistic, anti-American donkeys. I do not want to discuss things w. Dumbos, I want to push their face into the dinner plate. Civility does not work on DemonRats who have squat all to do with democracy and who are clearly and definitively the enemy. Would you have made nice with the Nazis? These woke folk cancelled us at every twist and turn and still continue to do so as they weaponize our department of justice to play their political games. I say it is too late for civility. These are not our countrymen. They are our mortal enemy and have shown themselves to be anything but civil.

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