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Pandering is not Governing, Joe

When he was campaigning for president in 2020 Biden promised that if as president he had a Supreme Court nomination he would appoint a black woman to the court.  He delivered on that promise when he appointed Ketanji Brown-Jackson to the Court because “for too long our court hasn’t looked like America.”  That is, before he had seen a single dossier from the possible applicants Joe promised to pick someone from a demographic that makes up about 7% of the US population, thereby doing an injustice to the other 93% of the population (including black males that might be more qualified than Brown-Jackson).  By an amazing coincidence, black women are the Democrat Party’s most loyal voters.  Apparently being the most qualified person for the job is no longer the main Democrat criteria for an appointment.  Rather, helping one’s “friends” and harming one’s political enemies is the Biden-Democrat criterion for appointments. 

Similarly, after being installed into office Biden appointed South Bend (pop. @101,000) Mayor Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of TransportationSt. Mary’s Political Science Professor Sean Savage questioned Buttigieg’s qualifications, 

It is somewhat surprising that [Buttigieg] would be the cabinet position for which he would be nominated.  Some raised questions about why other seemingly more qualified candidates were passed over. … I think his age and sexual orientation were probably factors in Biden’s decision.

Joe apparently thinks that being gay confers the requisite knowledge about national transportation systems.  It was, therefore, no surprise when, during the supply chain crisis that hurt so many Americans, Buttigieg was “missing in action … for roughly the last two months to spend time with his husband and their two recently adopted newborn babies.”  That was very nice for Mayor Pete and his husband but Buttigieg did not, apparently, grasp that it’s not all about him and that he had this thing called a “job” to do, something Biden may not have bothered to explain to him.  But why should Mayor Pete worry about his job and the American people when everyone is groveling to his glory for being an “historic” “gay” appointment?

In January 2021, Biden nominated “trans-woman” Rachel Levine, who had fathered two children as a man with his wife before deciding he is actually a female, for US Assistant Health Secretary.   Levin had been Pennsylvania Health Secretary for several years where “she” had been criticized for many things, including sending Covid-infected people into nursing homes where other elderly people were housed but removing her own mother from a nursing home. But don’t worry, Levine says the cases were different.  Her mother, being much more important, was in “personal care,” not mere “nursing care”.   Levine has also been criticized for making verifiably false claims about the medical consensus on transgender care.   In fact, Rachel’s main qualification for the job is not that she “has gone on the offensive” against the parental rights movement that opposes schools pushing transgender ideology on children” and even “threatens” to have people who oppose this indoctrination investigated (which the Wikipedia article on comrade Levine, always eager to do its part for the Democrats, somehow forgot to mention).  Naturally, these criticisms are dismissed by Democrats who are thrilled by the “historic” nature of the appointment.  The Washington Post claims, comically, that with the appointment Biden “made clear that transgender people are an important part of our country,” although, leaving aside the usual media gibberish, one can make clear that transgender people are an important part of our country without appointing them to powerful government positions.  

Similarly, the Biden administration appointed non-binary drag queen Sam Brinton as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy from June to December 2022.  Unfortunately, Brinton apparently spent less time disposing of spent nuclear waste than he did stealing women’s clothing at airports while travelling on the taxpayer dime.   Again, Wikipedia generously managed not to mention the name Biden in its article on Brinton.  CNN dismisses the claim that Brinton was appointed to that position because of “her” woke activism but Brinton’s history of extremist woke activism, including claims by other gay activists that Brinton has made demonstrably false claims about conversion therapy that long predates “her” appointment in 2022 by the Biden administration. 

Naturally, Biden also appointed Karine Jean-Pierre, who checks three important demographic boxes, black, female, and gay, as his press secretary.  Of course, Jean-Pierre fails to answer questions and then, upon being asked the question again, informs one that she’s not going to answer it because she just answered it by refusing to answer it!   A foreign reporter even expressed frustration at the way Jean-Pierre constantly “dodges” questions.  Her predecessor Jen Psaki also managed to emit extensive gaseous vapors while saying nothing of interest to the peasants but Jean-Pierre is black and lesbian and that’s more important than the peasants now.  

One cannot forget Biden’s pandering before the 2020 election to the Marxist and grifter organization Black Lives Matter which helped him win the presidency. One cannot forget Biden’s appalling pander to the voting block of student loan holders, after even Nancy Pelosi said he does not have the power to do it, to cancel much of their student debt (by passing the burden onto the taxpayers who did not go to college).  Even Bill Maher, not a conservative, criticizes Biden for pandering to the far left.  In fact, Biden is pushing all these far-left policies that he never supported earlier in his career because that was the deal he made with the far-left to get those bags of absentee votes delivered to polling places at 3 in the morning in the 2020 election.  Joe Biden claims he was a staunch liberal in the Senate. He wasn’t (Politifact, May 6, 2019).

If one wants to know how one gets record numbers of deaths, 853, including of children, at one’s southern border, botched military operations in Afghanistan, for which His Majesty is not sorry, in which many died needlessly, inflation, which hits the poor and minorities hardest, at a 40-year high, the economy in a mess, trust in institutions at a historic low and why everything Biden touches turns to crap, the answer is that if one starts appointing people not because they are the best person for the job but because of their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation then everything necessarily begins to degrade across the board.

Governing is not identifying groups whose votes can be “bought” with some free goodies, money, a SCOTUS seat, etc., and giving the gifts to them. Yes, it is desirable to have people in power from all the key demographics.   But the fallacy that lies behind the identity-politics con is that one can only be represented by people from one’s own demographic, as if black people can only represent black people, gay people represent gay people, women represent women, etc.  That is precisely the kind of tribal thinking America was founded to eliminate. 

Biden literally has no idea how to govern.  He and his party have chosen to rule by pitting the different groups against each other in order to cobble together a sufficient coalition of angryintersectional” groups to win, borrowing Thomas Hobbes’ words, “the war of all against all.”  That will be the end of our great nation, but the Democrats aren’t thinking past the next election.

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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  1. The article is a lucid, readable summary of Biden’s “leadership.” Appointments based on identity politics instead of qualifications leads to poor results for the American people.

  2. A pretty good summary of the incompetent Biden “Diversity” hires from the criminal luggage stealing Sam Brinton to our Transportation Secretary and the Supreme Court Justice that can’t define what a “woman” is.
    But it’s way worse than that. Now Biden’s DEI policies are “Affirmative Action” on steroids and are blatantly illegal discrimination calling for hiring whites last, regardless of qualifications. This needs to be overturned next as Biden has signed an illegal executive order mandating DEI hiring in every Federal government office and agency in the country. All of this rolls into the private sector and will completely destroy “Meritocracy” in America if it’s not stopped completely. I, for one, don’t want my doctor, my pilot, or my EMT or my grandchild’s teacher to be hired based on his/her/zi/zem’s skin color or sexual identity or sexual proclivity.
    Do you?

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