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Geraldo, It’s Time For The Curtain

Geraldo Rivera left FOXNews last month after a twenty-year stint. It was a stint that may have gone on a bit too long. That statement has nothing to do with Geraldo’s age but his performance and contribution to the network and the programs that involved him. I have a couple of disclosures before I continue. Geraldo owes me two hours of my life back since I wasted them years ago waiting for him to disclose the contents of Al Capone’s vault. I sat in suspenseful anticipation for him to enter the vault, only to be disappointed when it was empty. Such a disappointment and a waste of programming for someone who calls himself a journalist. The other disclosure is I am an avid fan of The Five. The show just celebrated its twelfth anniversary, and I have never missed an episode. The Five has outlived Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, and Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo had lost touch with the audience. He was to fill the role of the Liberal piece of the band. He certainly accomplished this task well but had gone too far with his personal stories. During one recent episode, Geraldo watched intently as a very Liberal individual tried to defend their position. The topic discussed was the plan to force America to use Electric Vehicles. Geraldo went too far and claimed he was not only a supporter of EVs but was also in the market for a Bentley EV. Greg Gutfeld nearly came out of his seat. The two members of the cast continued to debate, and this may have been the confrontation that sealed Geraldo’s fate.

Geraldo could not leave quietly. He appeared on The View on Thursday and aired his grievance with FOXNews for ending his role with the network. Geraldo acknowledged his contentious relationship with both Greg and Jesse Watters. He believes that the management consistently sided with the others when the conversation passed debate. As a viewer, management was right. Geraldo was funneling his narcissism going on The View to disparage The Five.

Rivera patronized the ladies of The View as they fed off each other, taking shots at the number one daytime show on Cable News. Geraldo took the opportunity to air his thoughts on Donald Trump. He said he was once a fan of the former President but after Trump’s role in the January 6 insurrection of the Capitol. He says he will use all his efforts to ensure that Trump does not return to the White House.

Geraldo Rivera had a long career, from his start as a war correspondent to his role as a political pundit. He was the first journalist to unearth the conditions and handling of patients in mental health institutions. It is time for Geraldo to leave, and at 80 years old, he should have just kept his mouth shut and gone home to Cleveland to enjoy his Bentley EV. That would have been the classy way to end his decades of work. Geraldo’s ego would not allow that, and he needed another dose of spotlight before calling it a day. He got it, but at the expense of his reputation. The View was not worth the effort and was another bad decision on his part.

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  1. I agree. I watch The Five and enjoy their discussions and camaderie, but Geraldo had increasingly dropped the ball on offering a liberal viewpoint that was of substance. I think he, on some level, was beginning to realize most liberal arguments aren’t sound, so tried to contribute by offering personal life stories. Given his long career in journalism you would think he’d have more awareness of both sides of the issues. He would have better served his reputation, The Five discussions, and the viewers if he had taken time to study the issues in depth and the opposing viewpoints and offer a more educated analysis.

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