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There Is No Doubt Trump Is The Right Choice For America


A recent visit to a pizza parlor in Ft. Myers reminded me why endorsing Donald Trump for president was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

The crowd there went wild, chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump!” This is what Paul McCartney must have felt traveling the world during Beatlemania. Americans don’t just love President Trump because he can be funny and entertaining. They have a bond with President Trump because of the results he delivered in the White House.

Voters miss low gas prices, global stability and a commander-in-chief that cared about their problems. The country is desperate for a change in leadership.

The choice will be clear and simple for voters come November 2024. Who did the job better as president of the United States, Donald J. Trump or Joseph R. Biden? Who do you trust to turn this country around? Voters will head to the polls with inflation, crime, the indoctrination of their kids, instability across the globe and the economy on their minds.

There is no doubt Trump is the right choice for America.

Not only is Trump the right choice over Biden, but his experience enables him to hit the ground running on day one. This is why I endorsed President Trump over Gov. Ron DeSantis. I’m looking for somebody who can come in on day one and get America back on track.

I know many other Republican voters want the same. Experience matters and no other Republican has the experience President Trump has.

Polling consistently shows that over seventy percent of Americans think our nation is on the wrong track and for good reason. Biden reversed all the successes of the Trump administration.

Our border has been opened to millions of unknown people. Roughly five times more illegal immigrants have been documented crossing our southern border under Biden than under President Trump. This includes a massive spike in terror watch list members entering our nation.

The open border is being taken advantage of by Mexican drug cartels that flood our nation with poison. The amount of fentanyl entering into our country has increased 900%. These deadly drugs are causing a historic amount of overdose deaths. Biden has blood on his hands.

Biden has demonized and targeted the energy industry. Under President Trump, America became a net exporter of oil for the first time, now we’re begging tyrants like Nicholas Maduro for oil.

President Trump brought stability to the world stage. Under Biden’s leadership, we’re now on the precipice of World War 3 in Ukraine. Meanwhile, China is negotiating with Brazil and other countries to subvert the dollar.

They’re becoming way more aggressive with Taiwan. China is doing this because they see weakness with the current commander in chief — Joe Biden.

It’s not just about the past. President Trump is looking ahead to the future with a series of bold policy proposals.

He’s already released a series of policy proposals under his Agenda47. These policies will rebuild the greatest economy in history, unleash energy dominance, secure our border, combat the war on drugs impacting countless families, restore safety, renew American strength and leadership, and defend law and liberty.

President Trump made America great once. He will make America great again. He has a proven record of doing it.

Byron Donalds represents Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

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One Comment

  1. I’m a big fan Mr. Donalds, but with all due respect, the only question for 2024 is “Who can win?”. It is the only question that matters and even though I voted for him twice, Trump is too far gone to win over the independents and potential swing voters needed to win the general election. De Santis proved he can and he did by turning a “purple state” into a solid Red State by 20 points. And he did so without compromise and he fights as or more fiercely than Trump without the childish name calling. Not that I mind calling Democrats names but it’s offensive to hear Trump berating fellow Republicans and not calling out the real enemy. De Santis is the only Governor I have seen with the cojones to fire a Soros backed prosecutor for “failure to uphold his constitutional duty to enforce the law” and won’t bow to the giant “woke” international companies like Disney.

    Trump, on the other hand, defends Disney and supports the worst Neocons Mc Connell and Graham. He even supported the horribly ineffective Ronna McDaniel as chairwoman of the RNC against the brilliant constitutional attorney Harmeet Dhillon. Then there’s Trump’s failure to even dent the “Deep State” because he hired two horribly ineffective Attorney Generals; Sessions and then Barr. That’s his Achilles heel as his ego is so big that he only hires those that will “kiss the ring”. Yeah, he accomplished some amazing things; especially against the treasonous opposition but It will take a massive team, not just a massive ego to turn things around and save our Republic. Clearly De Santis is the future of the Republican Party and our best hope to end this death trajectory that Biden has put us on.

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