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‘Raising Your Prices’: Fox Business Hosts Rip Biden’s ‘Completely Crazy’ Proposal That Will ‘Destroy’ Airlines

A panel of Fox News and Fox Business Network hosts ripped President Joe Biden’s proposal to deal with airline flight cancellations and delays Monday, saying it would cause higher prices.

“It’s ridiculous to see the president of the United States, this president in particular with all the issues he’s botched, all the things he should be working on, he’s standing up and talking about booking a flight and what happens when it’s canceled,” Fox Business host Brian Brenberg said. “That is completely crazy.”

Biden and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced new measures that would require airlines to compensate passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled Monday, ABC News reported. Thousands of flights were cancelled in December due to Winter Storm Elliot and a meltdown of Southwest Airlines’ scheduling software.

“Number two, the only thing that’s going to fix anything in the market is more competition,” Brenberg continued. “This will make it harder to have more competition in the airline industry. That’s what you need. The only thing this accomplishes is raising your prices.”

Buttigieg came under fire for allegedly focusing on “racist” roads instead of addressing issues with airline and rail transportation, and for inaction during the flight cancellations caused by the winter storm and Southwest’s scheduling issues.

“We can’t really blame everything on the airline themselves. Many problems were created during COVID as a result of staffing shortages and pilots retiring and all these different things that happened when we shut our country down,” Jackie DeAngelis, a co-host of the “Big Money Show” on Fox Business Network, said.

“The second aspect of this is that the FAA is partially to blame for some of the cancellations and the scheduling and the crowdedness of everything that’s happening as well,” DeAngelis continued. “So you have an administration that’s saying more regulation, more rules for the airlines, we are not going to have them fix the problems.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Biden still had confidence in Buttigieg after it was reported a contractor “unintentionally deleted files” in January, causing the Federal Aviation Administration to ground all flights for the first time since Sept. 11, 2001.

“If you get the government involved, this government involved, have they ever made something more cheap or better in any kind of sustainable way?” Brenberg asked. “Absolutely not.”

“They are saying we are going to make the airlines give you free things, vote for us, we’ll make sure you get free things even if we have to destroy business to do it,” DeAngelis said.

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