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‘Crossing The Line’: Comer Accuses Biden Attorneys Of ‘Witness Intimidation’

Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Monday that witnesses for his committee were being pressured by “dark money groups” and Hunter Biden’s attorneys.

“In communication with our witnesses and with people who are cooperating, from a subpoena standpoint, we know that they’ve been contacted by the attorneys for Hunter Biden,” Comer told “America Reports” host Sandra Smith. “We feel this is really close to crossing the line. Obviously, their objective, in my opinion, is witness intimidation.”

“They have dark money groups that are trying to intimidate both me and Chairman Jim Jordan of Judiciary,” Comer said. “This isn’t helping their cause any. They are not intimidating us. We are going to press forward with the facts and present the facts to the American people and then we’ll go from there.”

Attorneys for Biden admitted Feb. 2 that the data from an abandoned laptop, first reported on by the New York Post in October 2020, was real when they asked federal and state authorities to investigate John Paul Mac Isaac and Rudy Giuliani. Documents from the laptop were previously authenticated by the Daily Caller News Foundation in October 2020, while the Washington Post and New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the data in March 2022.

Comer also mentioned the child support case involving Biden, who appeared at an Arkansas court Monday in relation to litigation regarding child support for a four-year-old daughter he had out of wedlock with Lunden Roberts in accordance with a judge’s order. Roberts took Biden to court in 2019 to establish paternity of the child, who has not been acknowledged by the Biden family.

“There are two things in particular I’m interested in determining from this court case. First of all, what, in fact, is his income from his artwork,” Comer said. “Remember, he became an artist after his father became president, that was after the gig was up on all the influence peddling and the LLCs had been determined when we began our investigation and started questioning for – and subpoenaing bank records. So, he shifted his primary source of income to supposedly selling art. We want to know how much money he’s made from the artwork and who the buyers are.”

Comer also questioned whether Biden had offshore accounts to disguise the source of income from his art sales.

“Secondly, we want to know if Hunter Biden has any offshore accounts because we are learning more every day about the complex scheme that the Biden family had to try to disguise the source of the revenue and to try to distract from the IRS, the tax liability on their influence peddling scheme,” Comer added.

“So I think this court case has a lot of potential to help assist us in our investigation,” Comer said.

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