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Newsom Measured For Drapes While In Oval Office


Gavin Newsom is making it quite clear that he wants to be President sooner than later. There are two problems with his plans. One, he would have to primary against sitting President Joe Biden. And the second, he would have to run on his horrendous record as Mayor of San Francisco and Governor of California. Gavin Newsom is clearly one of the most narcissistic individuals in politics and is maybe rivaled by a fellow resident of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi. The other thing these two have in common is they were both caught on video violating their own mandates during COVID. They both see themselves above the law and the ordinary people.

Newsome is seen in the picture below with his rolled-up sleeves walking through the Rose Garden and entering the Oval Office. The problem with this is that the President was not in the White House at the time. It seems disrespectful to enter one’s office when it is unoccupied. But Newsom accomplished his goal of getting some video of himself looking cool and Presidential entering the White House. His supporters lapped it up while his dissenters saw through the photo op.

Newsom has survived his political career in California with charisma, tons of money, and the support of the party and media. That may work in the Golden State, but when he gets on the debate stage in the primary or general, he will be exposed by his record as leader of his city and state.

Under his watch as governor, California has lost nearly 400,000 tax-paying residents. These people were replaced by over two million undocumented, illegal aliens. The Reparations Task Force has been meeting throughout California to help state officials examine how slavery and systemic racism have harmed African Americans and how the state should respond. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the 2020 law creating the task force, which is tasked to develop reparations proposals for the Legislature by July.

Newsom sees the Presidency as the next logical step in his political journey. Obviously, his many supporters who are bankrolling his venture have bought into the aura that is Gavin Newsom, if not the reality of his record. Joe Biden and his administration have shown us that a record and accomplishments are not necessary to win the game of politics-it is money and the media.

Newsom has produced a video called Fight for Democracy, and according to ABC10 Reporter Morgan Rynor, Newsome used $10 Million left over from his gubernatorial campaign to fund the project. He may not have announced his candidacy for the Oval Office, but his checkbook has.

The national media declared Newsom the Democrat candidate in 2024, should Joe Biden not run or the President’s corruption issues prevent him from running. Newsom may just be caught up in himself so much that he will take on Biden, and it will be interesting to see how the party accepts him or how badly it divides those on the Left. Newsom may force Biden to commit to running, an announcement the President seems content to put off as long as possible.

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  1. I read that the Demo-rats are planning on dumping The Laughing Hyena and making Newsom Vice. Then booting Biden out of office and making Newsom the president …..GOD help us …. Anyone else heard this????????????????

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