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Let’s Take The Gloves Off On Fetterman


John Fetterman has gotten a pass. We have been too kind to this man out of respect for his stroke and his bout with mental illness. We have avoided the core issue that this man is a perfect example of how the Left can get anyone elected to any office, regardless of credentials and quality of the individual. John Fetterman is the poster child for a corrupt system that anyone with a shred of decency and common sense can see exists in this country. This broken and abused system has given us Sandy Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and of course, Joe Biden. This organized mayhem is far more dangerous than any assault by an adversary, pandemic (natural or manufactured), or phony insurrection because this attack on America is by Americans. Maybe we have fallen so far that we need to classify these people working tirelessly to tear down America as something other than American. Traitor comes to mind.

To stay with Fetterman, he is a buffoon. We knew that before his stroke and hospital stay for depression. Fetterman should never have made it to an election with Mehmet Oz for a seat in the United States Senate. He did not have the credentials to sit in the Senate. The Senate was never a house of saints, but it was a group of intelligent individuals that could govern the country without destroying it from within. Those of us old enough remember when we respected that body of men and women. John Fetterman said it himself this week when he told NPR precisely what most of us knew:

From Fox News:

NPR spoke to Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., about returning to Congress after spending the first few months of his first Senate term in the hospital for depression.

In the exchange, the stroke survivor admitted that during his time away, he felt like he was “not the kind of senator” that his state deserved and that he was not the family man he should have been.

Do they deserve better? They knew what they were getting with Fetterman, an uneducated individual with a poor work ethic (as shown by his lack of effort as Lt. Governor), and only two goals-emptying state prisons and legalizing recreational marijuana. Did they get what they asked for, or did they get what the system fed them? It makes you wonder how so many people can be led like sheep, unaware or unconcerned about the ramifications of their actions. It is this lack of consciousness that will bring down this country.

I have written previously about Fetterman and his path to the Senate. What should concern us is his future. Fetterman, and his wife, who pushed him through the election when she should have been checking him in for rehab, are probably raising money for his re-election bid. The Left will invent some phobia to describe the people who want him out of the Senate. In the meantime, Pennsylvania will only have one active Senator representing them, but the Democrats will have Fetterman’s vote. He serves their purpose if they can prop him up and get him to vote Yeah or Nay on demand.

In addition to his interview with NPR, Fetterman tweeted a picture of himself holding a pro-marijuana flag acknowledging 4/20, an unofficial holiday dedicated to smoking and celebrating marijuana. “It’s 4:20 on 4/20. That’s the Tweet”. He also tweeted his support for unionizing marijuana workers. “You know what goes great with some weed? A Union.”

Fetterman is the person voters in the Keystone State put in the Senate, but this is also the state that gave us Scranton Joe. Maybe there is a pattern here.

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  1. Fetterman is the warm body that the corrupt Dems needed to maintain control of the Senate and rubber stamp whatever Biden wants. I find it very interesting that the Dems are trying to push out Feinstein because of her age and health issues but yet they are perfectly okay with half man Fetterman who has spent more time in the hospital than in the Senate.

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