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China Builds The New World Order With Biden Asleep At The Wheel



China is rapidly growing economically, militarily, and influentially, and none of this is good for the United States. Since diplomatic ties with China were officially established in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter, each president has done a fair job (some better than others) of keeping China in check on the international stage, despite China’s growth. All with the exception of President Joe Biden, who has allowed China to lead a global coalition and a new world order against the United States of America, which has fulfilled our worst fears.

China is endeavoring to attain the top position and relegate the United States to second place as the world’s preeminent superpower. Understanding the historical context of the United States’ ascent to the position of the world’s preeminent superpower, as well as China’s emergence as a global power through globalism and benevolent intentions, is crucial to comprehending the genuine danger that China’s recent actions pose to the United States under the inattentive leadership of President Biden.

In 1898, the United States emerged from isolation to become a world superpower. This was because of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish-American War, gave Cuba its independence, and also ceded important Spanish possessions to the United States — notably Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the small island of Guam. The Imperial British Empire was the most powerful and dominant superpower until the end of World War 2. The fall of Britain officially solidified the United States of America as the official dominating superpower of the world.

The United States has had that exclusive prerogative for a century. The Soviet Union, one of the most significant adversaries to this prerogative, collapsed in 1991. China, a considerably more advanced adversary than the Soviet Union, has become the new threat to American global dominance.

While the United States did not rely on the Soviet Union for traded commodities, it now relies on China, heavily. China didn’t get to the position of the world’s second-most powerful nation all by itself.

The United States liberated numerous European nations from the Nazis, most notably France and Italy. However, the United States liberated China and the rest of Asia by defeating Imperial Japan in World War 2. This fact is largely forgotten.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter granted China full diplomatic recognition. In 2000, President Bill Clinton (D) signed the U.S.-China Relations Act that granted China entry into the World Trade Organization with most favorable nation status, a bill that was sent to Clinton’s desk by a Globalist Republican congress.

The U.S.-China Relations Act destroyed American manufacturing and resulted in the loss of over 3.7 million U.S. jobs. Good intentions and globalism created the Frankenstein known as China.

The Biden Administration’s America Last foreign policy, humiliating exit from Afghanistan, lack of global influence, and war in Ukraine was the spark China needed to take its next, decisive chess move in its quest for world domination. Russia, isolated due to U.S. sanctions, became an attractive unification partner for China to fill the voids left by the Americans. Foreign policy common sense mandates that the United States must prevent any union between China and Russia. In his farewell to Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the conclusion of a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Kremlin last week, Xi said “right now there are changes the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years — and we are the ones driving these changes together,” to which Putin replied: “I agree.”

Our adversaries are sowing the seeds of America’s destruction, and the President and his administration are sound asleep at the wheel.

Rasheed Walters is an entrepreneur, political commentator and historian who resides in Boston. Follow him on Twitter @rasheednwalters.

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  1. Our old and corrupt president has a special relationship with the CCP, thanks, in part, to his beloved son, Hunter. He has no intention of pissing off the Chicoms over Taiwan. The island nation is free from China, but to our president, that makes no difference. He will feign and flex, but he doesn’t have the cojones to head fake Chairman Xi. Taiwan is out to dry, but they don’t know it.

  2. Many of our Politicians and most of our giant international corporations (Disney, Nike, Coca Cola, Pepsi, even Hollywood and the NBA) are compromised by China and the money that they make there and so they bow to the CCP. The CCP even censors and openly threatens them if they dare to speak anything negative about China. Obviously Biden is compromised by the tens of millions he and his crackhead son made from a Chinese energy company when Biden was VP. As so, that’s why he lets a China spy balloon violate our air space and fly over the entirety of our nuclear air and missile defense sites in multiple states across the country before taking action.

    We should be equally concerned with why are we allowing them to buy unlimited land in the U.S. and purchase some of our biggest food suppliers? I.E., the biggest pork producer in the country (Smithfield Ham) is now owned by China. Not to mention the 350,000 Chinese students in the U.S. (studying STEM courses not “gender studies”) that will end up being employed in the government or by our defense contractors and are bound by Chinese law to spy for the CCP if asked. Tic Tok is a Chinese intelligence gathering and propaganda social media site and should be banned. The Chinese are embedded throughout our government (Fang Fang slept with Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years), they steal our intellectual property and technology with impunity, and now have hypersonic missiles that we don’t even have yet. They are building infrastructure in countries all over the world, especially in South America, to make them indebted to China while we waste billions of dollars and military hardware on never ending regime change wars. And, oh yeah, that war in Ukraine has caused them to become strong allies with Russia in the worst possible consequence for us and the rest of the free world Smart move Brandon. The Chinese stated goal (not Russia’s) is total word domination and we better start paying attention.

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