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Buy Into The Globalist Climate Hysteria At Your Own Peril


The globalists say that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity and that we need to give up our privacy and freedom in order to stop it. They are wrong on both counts.

In December 2020, Karl Lauterbach, the health minister of Germany, said that addressing climate change will require restrictions on personal freedom, like the ones that were put in place to “flatten the curve” of COVID.

In the same way, British economics professor Mariana Mazzucato said, “The world may need lockdowns again soon, but this time to deal with a climate emergency.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) have all written how they want to shut down society to “fight climate change.” They want dietary controls, energy controls, carbon restrictions and climate change linked, whether it makes sense or not. The future effects of this are huge.

The 2022 WEF article by the director of WHO’s Environment and Health Department, “How to Fight the Next Threat to Our World,” said; “World leaders must put health at the center of climate action and social justice.” With WHO in control of course.

If WHO ends up being the primary organization with control over global health, WHO will have de facto power over world society as a whole.

And communist China will be exempt, just as they are now, on their ever-increasing use of coal and growing emissions. China emits more CO2 than the next 28 industrialized countries combined and is building four times more coal electricity than the U.S. has.

China uses more than half of the eight billion tons of coal used each year and gets 58% of their energy from coal. Our decarbonizing efforts are undermining our national security and benefiting our rival, China.

WHO could order climate lockdowns to reduce pollution, which they say is good for public health. This is why President Joe Biden has wrongly, for world and U.S. interests, joined with WHO for management of world health.

The UN and WEF’s The Great Reset plan include smart (15 minute) cities, limits on travel, new food systems (insects replacing meat), a full switch to green energy (wind and solar) and more. All of these changes will go more smoothly if there is a central power, such as WHO.

If WHO orders restrictions on freedom to save the climate, Biden and leftists can just blame them. Like the Netherlands, the number two (after the U.S.) exporter of food in the world is doing now. They are attempting to shut down or limit food production of half the farms in their country to satisfy their EU climate mandate. This will drive up food costs even more.

They want us to give up our way of life and freedom to save the planet. Except those at the very top of the power pyramid. Think Joe Biden and Bill Gates jetting around the world.

But “green solutions” are a huge, expensive, scam. Wind and solar don’t do much to make the environment cleaner or change the climate either.

WHO wants to ration personal carbon (CO2) footprints. Their argument is pollution kills. If you don’t go along, you’re responsible for the deaths of others.

This means that when you use up your carbon allotment for the month, you can’t buy that plane ticket, hamburger or steak, beer or soda or buy gas for your car. If you still can afford a car.

Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes often require regular people to give up their freedom and rights to “serve the greater good.” They used the “care for others” argument during COVID. To force people to do lockdowns, social isolation, wearing masks, and getting the jab. Covid policies were a warmup for climate lockdowns and freedom limits.

The globalists are not dumb. They know that they can’t get rid of all gas-powered cars by 2030 or 2050. They know that once the EV goals and mandates are in place, you won’t be able to drive very far, so you won’t need a car in the first place. Poor people will not be able to afford cars at all.

They also support 15 minute cities. That will control everyone by limiting us from coming and going as we please. All for the nonexistent climate crisis.

Oxford UK, has proposed fining people $70 if they leave their 15 minute city zone more than 100 times a year. That is just twice a week. And they call this a conspiracy theory and isn’t about taking away freedom and controlling people. Really?

We need to resist these globalists at every turn. Our Republican Congress’s opposition to the false UN climate emergency hysteria is welcome and needed.

We need to vote every one of our elected legislators out of office that agree with the climate hysteria anti-freedom, control agenda. Your personal freedom, affordable living and energy security are at stake.

Frank Lasee is a former Wisconsin state senator and former member of Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

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