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Where’s Joey?

Our beloved and esteemed president is missing in action, with not a word coming from his mouth about any of our current national disasters.

First he is such a wussy that he feared taking any actions, including the action of admitting that his Chinese rulers had launched a balloon over America to spy on us, and then after the balloon had collected all of the data the Chinese benefactors to the Biden family wanted, and as it was leaving American airspace, he finally had it shot down.

And when this aggressive move made old Joey feel macho and virulent, he shot down another object of unknown provenance and intent, without ever determining what the object was. Then he shoots down another object that is now being suspected to be one of our own launches. Joey‘s silence on the subject is loud indeed.

Then East Palestine, Ohio, has a train wreck, and before the EPA can get in edge-wise to measure the health risks, the responsible railroad company burns the chemicals that spilled, thereby creating an atmospheric hazard with no known equal in its threat to the health and welfare of the local citizens, and Joey, the secretary of transportation, Mayor Pete and the EPA are all no-shows while the citizens of East Palestine fear returning to their homes.

Actually, one fears getting old Joey involved in the chemical spill and fire resulting from the railroad accident, because he’ll probably have us all in masks again, like he did during the pandemic, and then mandate a new round of vaccines in order to protect the nation from the dangerous smoke coming from the chemical fire. And he’s likely to declare a national health emergency that will, as with the covid “emergency”, cause more damage than it cures.

So where is “the most open and transparent president in history” when leadership is needed and the fate of an entire town are at risk, and when people need scientific advice about the safety of their town? Could he be eating his applesauce and mush in his highchair and feeling sleepy in his PJs?

And also consider the millions of illegal aliens who are occupying our nation and living who-knows-where and doing who-knows-what in dark alleys across the nation. Where is Joey on this very serious issue?

And how about the Mexican drug cartels, which are conducting their evil and often inhuman business in America, with complete impunity as they deal in drugs and human slavery on American soil. Where is Joey?

And on the subject of homeless camps in too many American cities, where is Joey when leadership is called for?

Joseph Biden is a completely failed idiot who often says “just watch me” when challenged about his mental ability, who can’t even be trusted to handle the job of night watchman, let alone the presidency. We’re “watching” him stumble and fall up the stairs of Air Force One; we’re “watching” him forget where he is at any given time; we’re “watching” him stutter and stammer all the time with a total inability to understand questions directed at him, or give a sensible answer on the rare occasions when he allows questions in his presence.

And now he’s totally silent when several domestic and international events are awaiting responses.

Joseph Biden in an absurdity and an insult to this once great nation, and under his woke leadership, our constitution, as well as our health and the economy, are at great risk.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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