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The Congressmen Cannot be Serious


Yes, they are. Nadler, Schiff, Johnson, and Cicilline all sit on the House Judiciary Committee, and after their comments yesterday, they may also be sitting on their cerebellum. There is no way these bloviators can review their comments and think they are seriously thinking individuals, let alone members of the House of Representatives. This exchange of statements by the Democrat members is a national embarrassment. Each member did their best to raise the bar on ludicrous jabs at the Republicans who are now in control of the House and all committees.

Nadler called the hearings an attempt at “showboating” and said there is no serious issue at the Southern Border. This is the same little man, physically and in stature, who spent four years pushing a Russian conspiracy and supporting any reason to impeach President Donald Trump.

Johnson from Georgia, who two weeks ago suggested that Classified documents may have been planted in Joe Biden’s office and home by Republican operatives, said the committee hearings were nothing but a distraction.

Adam Schiff took the humanitarian route and declared that Republicans are demonizing migrant families. No, Adam, these are not migrants. They are lawbreakers as soon as they illegally enter our country. Millions are doing just that because you, your President, and the rest of the Democrats have destroyed our Border and sovereignty. These words are from a man who lied and deceived the country into believing he had proof of Trump’s collusion with the Russians. He never produced those facts.

And Cicilline, from the corrupt state of Rhode Island, claims that the Republicans are using scare tactics to turn the American people against the immigrants flooding into America. These are not immigrants but illegal aliens emanating from over 170 countries.

These people are in complete denial about the crisis at our Southern Border, and this is the thinking they relay to their supporters. You just have to watch the videos, listen to officials from the Border states, or talk to anyone from Border Patrol to know that our Border is broken and out of control. And if not enough to have our Southern Border dissolved, we learned this week that our Northern Border with Canada is now hemorrhaging. We have been borrowing staff from the Border with Canada to bolster our presence on the Southern Front because we felt comfortable that the Northern Border was secure. It is not.

This dichotomy between the Left and Right is adding momentum to the Republican action to impeach the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Two Republicans have already submitted separate Articles of Impeachment on Mayorkas. The Republicans also made good on their promise to remove Ilhan Omar from the prominent Foreign Affairs Committee. On a vote along Party lines, Omar was officially removed today. This action against Omar was warranted based on her documented views showing disdain for America and her antisemitic beliefs against Israel. She has expressed her support for Palestine and said that Israel does not deserve to exist as an independent country.

We see a stark difference between the Republicans of this new Congress and their Democrat colleagues. We see execution from the Right and emotional outbursts from the Left. Representative Cortez went to the well of the House today to give a demonstrative rant calling the action against Omar racially motivated. With arms flailing and bouncing up and down, she thought these antics were making an impression. They did with the head nodding Dems sitting behind her. The real problem here is that we cannot expect a different outcome if the ignorant electorate continues to send these people back to Washington. Maybe this is why the Left wants to lower the voting age and allow non-citizens the right to vote. That will help keep this vicious, destructive cycle going strong.

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Ray Cardello

As a lifelong Conservative and resident of New Hampshire, Ray Cardello is positioned to speak with common sense about the happenings of the nation and the region. Conservative View from New Hampshire is Ray’s second blog and podcast effort in 20 years. He has published over 1,000 articles since January 2021, is syndicated on 15 websites, and is published on over 65 sites. Ray is passionate about his writing and sees the Internet as the only way for Conservatives to compete with the mainstream media. Ray claims there will be much to discuss as we move forward and his blog will not focus strictly on Washington but will also delve into State and Local issues as well. There is so much going on and so little factual sources of information to rely on.

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  1. Another great article Ray! So true. I am concerned about the lack of intelligence of the voting base these days. Their police reforms and no bail policies are giving criminals a “free pass” to commit more crimes. The thing that concerns me most is their unreasonableness to listen to common logic! They are “hell bent for election” in destroying our freedoms and liberty in this country. I am getting along in years and probably won’t see the worst of this if it continues but am fearful for my children and grandchildren. It will come to a head when they attempt firearm confiscation I believe. Most firearm enthusiasts I know say they won’t do it which I agree with them. Every nation that has done this have taken the rights of the people along with the guns to control and dictate how they should live. And usually terrible. Every toilet needs a good flushing and maybe it’s time to start flushing their agenda as well!

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