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Ohio Train Crash Exposes $1.9T Farce


The $1.9 Trillion Infrastructure Bill that Joe Biden and every Democrat brag about is a farce. There is no prioritizing of issues in this country. There is no list of priority situations. There are just slush fund projects that make Congresspeople and Senators look like they accomplished something for the people. It is a joke. Not a day goes by that our Reps are not taking to Social Media to announce some pet project born of the infrastructure bill. These announcements and projects are fluff. The train crash in Ohio is flashing a red light and blaring sirens that our infrastructure is crumbling and trillions spent on a Climate Cause Bill will do nothing to solve our problems.

Two examples this week are Senator Hassan (D-NH) highlighting projects to install heated roads and sidewalks in Berlin, NH, and a revamped downtown Keene, NH, that the shop owners yesterday asked to be delayed. They cannot survive the years of upheaval after enduring two years of COVID. These projects are insignificant compared to the rotting highways, crumbling bridges, dangerous rail networks, and overcrowded and aging air systems. Tackling these urgent issues would take courage and leadership, and there is neither in the Joe Biden Administration.

Hassan rails about her wonderful job, bringing tons of money into our communities. That is our money, taken from us by taxation to be redistributed by the likes of Senator Maggie Hassan. The government does not have money. They use ours. The government has a huge debt. They pass that on to us.

The crash in Ohio is one of 1,400 rail accidents that happen every year. We rarely hear of them, and this one was quiet for days. This train accident is now a toxic waste issue with unknown consequences. Officials are telling residents that all is well while animals are dying, fish are dying, and people have rashes and headaches. That is not what “all well” looks like. That is what a catastrophe looks like. The toxins being spread into the air and water could cause cancers and birth defects for years to come, but all is well.

Our Secretary of Transportation has been silent about this event in Palestine, Ohio. There is nothing new about silence and absence from this administration. Pete Buttigieg made a public appearance this week and did not mention the train accident but stressed the damage to our climate caused by the number of white male construction workers. He then scoffed about the situation, asking after Chinese balloons, what could be next. Well, Pete, this is why you are so unqualified for your job, and a bad joke to think of you as a Presidential candidate. There are people in Ohio burying their dead animals, watching their kids cough and scratch, bathe their children in bottled water. Their houses are now worthless, and they have no idea when the air will be safe to breathe or the water to drink. They know they cannot believe you, and you have the audacity to scoff. You need a gut check, Pete, and start the letter with, I immediately resign.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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