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Joe, This is Not the Macy’s Parade


I preface this article with a comment. I do not enjoy writing negative posts daily, but this President and his Administration leave little choice. There is little done in the nearly 800 days I have been opining, which I feel is a benefit to most Americans. I yearn for days when I can relate positive actions and programs pushing us in the right direction.

These last two weeks have been incredibly frustrating. We are under attack. Our sovereignty has been violated four times, and many more questions than reasonable explanations exist. In the last few days, three airships have been shot down over the United States and Canadian air space, and our President is moot. Not a word, no address, no statement, nothing. It is like he is on vacation, and the Do Not Disturb sign is on the doorknob. John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre are scheduled to handle the press briefing today, but we know from the first balloon that we can not trust the information they relay to the media. The President must address the country, take questions from all media outlets, and accept accountability for what is being done to solve this air assault on North America.

The word coming out of the Pentagon is sketchy at best. The spokespeople will not acknowledge what has been shot down, who the airships belong to, and how many more are en route to our airspace. We have proven that all the information regarding the first balloon was false. How can our faith be restored as this crisis unfolds in real time? Joe Biden claims the transparency of his Administration as he continues to avoid contact and questions from the media. He shunned FOXNews yesterday and refused to have a sit-down interview with the broadcast host of the Super Bowl. This interview has been a Super Bowl Sunday tradition for years, and Biden did sit the last two years with CBS and NBC. Biden told FOX he would sit with FOX Soul but no news person from the FOXNews team. Biden would have addressed over 100 million Americans yesterday but was not up to the task. What is he afraid of?

The White House Press Office has been in flux for two years. Jen Psaki was qualified but could not be trusted. She was the victim of many fact-checks. When she left the Administration to join MSNBC, she was replaced by Karine Jean-Pierre. KJP has been a train wreck proving incapable of answering a question unless it was in her briefing book. Karine is not qualified for the job but checked off three boxes on the diversity checklist. She is black, female, and gay, which makes her perfect for this Administration. White House communications director Bedingfield Is stepping down after two years, and her replacement is Ben LeBolt. LeBolt comes from the Obama Administration. When KJP talks about LeBolt, there is no mention of his capabilities but only about him being the first openly-gay director of White House communications.

“I also knew — I also know that Ben is making history — as you know, we believe, here in the Biden-Haris White House, that representation matters. He will be the first openly gay communications director, which is very, very important indeed” said Jean-Pierre when announcing LeBolt.

Again, diversity over qualifications. It is pathetic and does not serve the American people. We need the truth, we deserve the truth and hearing from anyone but Biden is unsatisfactory.

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Ray Cardello

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