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‘Cheated On His Taxes’: Rick Scott Unveils Ad Urging Biden To Resign Ahead Of Florida Trip


Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott released an ad to air in Florida Wednesday calling on President Joe Biden to resign, just ahead of the president’s visit to the state.

The ad, tweeted Tuesday night, accuses Biden of cheating on his taxes and defunding Medicare by cutting billions of dollars from the program, then calls on him to resign. The ad will begin running Wednesday ahead of Biden’s scheduled visit to Florida to tout his accomplishments, Scott’s campaign told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The ad starts with Scott saying Biden cut $280 billion from Medicare, referring to a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act that allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers. Scott then argued Biden had cheated on his taxes, referring to a report from the Congressional Research Service which found Biden skirted Medicare payments.

“But what you don’t know is that Joe Biden also cheated on his taxes and got away with it. Biden improperly used a loophole to dodge half a million dollars in taxes that should have gone to Medicare. Now that Biden has ripped off Medicare for half a million dollars, he wants to close the loophole and raise your taxes,” Scott said in the ad.

Scott ends with, “Biden should resign.”

The ad was released to “welcome President Biden to Florida ahead of his visit tomorrow. Biden will hold an event and lie about Senator Scott and Republicans wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security,” Scott’s campaign told the DCNF.

“In fact, it was President Biden who previously wanted to cut funding for these programs and found a loophole to not pay Medicare taxes,”  the campaign added. “Senator Scott believes if Biden wants to do something good for the country, then he should resign.”

The White House did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. Jack ass Biden made me so mad last night the 15 minutes I watched the speech he was saying he cut Rx prices and enhanced the medicare Bull Crap……. My wife is on a lot of meds as well as me. My wifes one RX went from 68 to 128 a refill??????????????????Rx said Medicare dropped it as a covered drug but she has to take it! along with about 10 other scripts a day.
    !!! My med I take for my eyes from an attack of shingles in my eye I went blind in thet eye in 3 days took Dr.s about a month to figure what it was as its so rare. anyhow I keep getting it back again and again but the medicine an antiviral drug is over 600 a month now… PLUS they also dropped covering my doctor he was out of their network but finally got it settled and can go again but co-pay went up to $50.00 a visit this year. And he wants a pat on the back? a boot in the ass would be my suggestion What happened to the TRILLIONS he took for build back better scheme????????????????

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