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Biden Blind to China Threat

One of the primary goals of the American President is to keep Americans safe. Safe from threats within the country and outside adversaries. With the rise in crime in every corner of America and the many ways China is assaulting us, President Joe Biden is not doing his job. He is failing Americans, and many no longer feel safe in their cities and towns.

Defunding police was a mission of Progressives, and little has changed with Biden in the White House. We have not only lost veteran members of the law enforcement community as cities trimmed police budgets, but we have also lost the most trained and experienced personnel. With the current stigma hanging over law enforcement, recruiting and academy attendance are not keeping up with the attrition that local and state police have experienced. We are trying to control rampant crime with depleted police forces. It is not a battle we will win with the forces we have today. The porous Southern Border allows drugs and cartels to enter America in record numbers making every state in the country a border state. The cartels are present in every state where they recruit our younger generations, creating a crime epidemic. Fentanyl poisoning is now the number one cause of death among people in the 18-45 age range, and more drugs are intercepted daily. We have no idea how much gets past what Border security we do have.

China is our most dangerous adversary and is getting more creative in threatening and infiltrating our society. COVID, Fentanyl, stealing intellectual property, creating a Chip shortage devastating our auto industry, buying American farmland, controlling our supply of medicines, especially antibiotics, buying charter schools, building their military and nuclear arsenal, and violating our airspace. Not long ago, we were only concerned with China owning most of our debt. Now we worry about our President being compromised by the Chinese government. How else can you explain Biden ignoring all these threats posed by China?

There is frustration on both sides of the aisle with the lack of action on the part of Joe Biden towards China. Frustration is morphing into fear, which should never be a part of American lives, especially when fostered by our President. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was to travel to China this week but canceled his trip due to the Chinese Airship incident. Sadly, none of the issues I listed were on the agenda for U.S. and China talks. The sole purpose of Blinken’s trip and meetings was Climate Change.

The Chinese Airship traversing the continental United States is the latest example of Biden’s lack of concern and leadership regarding our security and China’s impact on America. The Pentagon claims to have known about the Chinese balloon since January 28, though Biden did not authorize the military to shoot it down until last Wednesday. These orders came after journalists in Montana saw the balloon with their naked eyes and made the public aware of its flight. We do not know how much info or pictures were transmitted back to China, but the flight track brought the balloon over more than twenty of our military bases.

The House has started hearings into numerous issues with the Biden Administration. These include the Chinese Balloon incident, the Southern Border, the Biden Cartel money laundering scheme, and the source of the COVID virus. Biden and his spokespeople continue to tell America how great a President he is. These hearings may start to shed some light on the truth. Hopefully, the mainstream media will open their eyes and report the facts. We have to get all Americans to see behind the Biden Curtain.

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Ray Cardello

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