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I used an AI Bot to Write an Article on Conservativism and Here’s What I Got

ChatGPT is a beta version artificial intelligence chatbot that uses a conversational style to discuss topics. I decided to probe it’s inner-thoughts on conservatism and see what an AI has to say about us.

Overall, the bot tries hard to present both sides of the main topic and subtopics brought up in the conversation. When asked “what is…” it tended to answer with facts and avoid subjective responses. When asked if “something is good” it responded in a pro-con essay-ish format with the pros first and cons after. If I asked it if “thing A is better than thing B”, it answered in a compare-contrast format giving the pros of “thing A” first, then the pros of “thing B”, then a paragraph that mediated between the two.

The entirety of the article below consists of only direct quotes from ChatGPT, excluding the headings which paraphrase my interactions with the bot, and the conclusion which is a mix of my thoughts and the AI’s answers.

What is American Conservatism?

American conservatives generally believe in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, and traditional values. They tend to be more socially and fiscally conservative, and often support a strong national defense. Some of the key figures and organizations associated with American conservatism include Ronald Reagan, the Heritage Foundation, and the National Rifle Association.

Is Limited Government a Good Thing?

Limited government is a concept that is central to the ideology of American conservatives and classical liberalism, it is believed that the government should have minimal involvement in the lives of citizens and that individuals should have maximum freedom to make their own choices. Some argue that limited government promotes individual liberty, economic growth, and innovation, while others argue that it can lead to a lack of protection for vulnerable groups and insufficient provision of public goods and services.

It is worth noting that the idea of how much government intervention is considered ideal can vary depending on the context and specific situation. In some cases, a limited government approach may be beneficial, while in others a more active government role may be necessary. Overall, it depends on one’s political philosophy and values.

Should We Embrace Individual Liberty?

Individual liberty is an important principle in many political ideologies, including American conservatism and classical liberalism. It refers to the idea that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices and live their lives as they see fit, as long as they do not harm others.

Individual liberty is considered important for a number of reasons. It allows people to pursue their own goals and aspirations, express themselves freely, and make their own decisions without interference from others. It also allows for diversity and innovation, as people are free to experiment and try new things. Furthermore, it is considered as a cornerstone of democracy as it enables citizens to participate in the political process and hold their government accountable.

However, it is worth noting that the concept of individual liberty is not without its critics, some argue that too much focus on individual liberty can lead to neglect of the common good and disregard for the rights and well-being of others.

In summary, individual liberty is considered an important principle by many, but its importance and definition may be debated, and the balance between individual liberty and the common good is a complex and ongoing conversation.

Is Free Market Capitalism Good?

Free markets, also known as capitalism, is an economic system in which the prices for goods and services are determined by supply and demand, and not by a central authority. It is based on the idea that individuals should be able to freely buy and sell goods and services in a competitive market, and that this competition will lead to lower prices, increased innovation, and greater efficiency.

Proponents of free markets argue that they lead to economic growth, increased prosperity and that they provide consumers with more choices, and that they are more efficient in allocating resources and promoting innovation. They also argue that free markets offer a higher degree of economic freedom, which is an important aspect of individual liberty.

However, free markets also have their critics. Some argue that free markets can lead to income inequality, as the wealthy are able to accumulate more capital and resources and have more power in the market. Free markets can also lead to market failures, where the market is not able to provide certain goods or services efficiently, or where certain groups or individuals are not able to participate in the market. Critics also argue that free markets can lead to environmental degradation and other negative externalities.

In summary, free markets are considered by many to be a good economic system, but their advantages and disadvantages are still a matter of debate, and their impacts on society and economy are complex and multifaceted.

Conclusion: is ChatGPT Good or Bad?

I did ask the chatbot this question and it answered objectively citing the fact that it is just a machine-learning language model and therefore has no opinions, but then said because of that, “it can be neither good nor bad” – which is, of course, an opinion.

Honestly, I can see it as an exceptional tool for an initial investigation into any topic, but would never cite it in a paper or use it as a primary source for a news article. It’s more like Wikipedia without all the intrinsic bias that comes from community manipulation. You can ask it what something is or what public sentiment is on a topic and use the responses to guide actual research into a subject you want to learn about.

There is a caveat…

When I asked the AI how current its information is, it responded, “My training data is current up to 2021, meaning that information I provide is accurate and relevant up to that date.”

As a follow-up, I asked if its data would be updated. It was the first time I saw the bot pause to consider the question instead of having an answer ready to go. After a good 20 seconds of thinking, it gave me four paragraphs that basically said, “maybe, but not now.” This thing should run for office.

So use it for entertainment, to get some peripheral knowledge on a subject (that existed before 2021 and hasn’t materially changed since then), or to gain some additional perspective on something, but don’t use it as a source for anything important.

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