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An Infamous Southern Border

It only took 2 years for Joe Biden to visit the calamity, that is the southern border. On January 8th,
2022, Joe Biden visited the border patrol agents and practically toured the parking facilities of an El
Paso site, rather than the southern border itself. The complete dereliction of the Biden administration is
solely responsible for the disaster unfolding at our southern border. Upon Biden’s arrival, Governor Greg
Abbott handed Joe Biden a letter
reading, “Your visit to our southern border with Mexico today is $20
billion too little and two years too late”. Indeed, this is true. Biden’s policies are directly at fault for the
mass illegal immigration, and fentanyl crisis, that is occurring at our southern border.

Conceptualize the fact that just 2 years ago, America was safe, Americans were protected, and
American sovereignty was preserved. All these achievements were done through the Trump
administration’s policies, which implemented policies such as Remain in Mexico, as well as constructing
a border wall. In effect, illegal immigration, crime, and the pouring of drugs into our country, were at an
all-time low. However, after 2 years of the Biden administration, millions of illegal immigrants have
come into our nation, exacerbating not just our judicial process, however, the lives of American citizens
as well. Upon his visit, Politico reports, “President Joe Biden on Sunday toured the busiest port in El
Paso, Texas, met Border Patrol agents and spoke with workers at a federally funded migrant services
center in his first visit to the southern border since becoming President”. Of course, one would think
that Joe Biden would visit El Paso, to see the real extent of the border crisis, however, his visit was
simply a social one. Biden solely met with Border Patrol agents and merely discussed the issue of the
border, once again turning a blind eye to the downfall of a sovereign United States.

It’s truly execrable that the United States rapidly yearns to protect the border of other
countries while directly turning a blind eye to our own. In the recent passage of the Bunyanesque
omnibus bill, $410 billion was directed to the “border security” of the following countries: Egypt,
Tunisia, and Oman. In regard to our own border, the omnibus bill relocates an argosy of money to the
border, without any initiative plan to end the crisis. Democrats believe that by merely throwing money
at something, a problem will be resolved. This is pure sophistry. By simply relocating money to the
border and cloistering any sort of plan, nothing will be solved. Accordingly, Politico conveyed Biden’s
new “humanitarian” immigration policy. Politico depicts that the new policy would allow the monthly
release of 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Perhaps this initiative is a means
of releasing citizens from the hellhole of the places aforementioned. In Cuba and Venezuela, for
example, communism is antithetical to the wishes of the people, a total refusal to protect humanity.
Therefore, in an effort to demonstrate their “magnanimousness”, the Biden administration wants to
allow mass immigration of citizens from the Caribbean. Simultaneously, this country will not just suffer
the consequences of this new policy, yet we will suffer from the lax policies of Joe Biden in regard to our
southern border.

It is veracious, that the United States is a country of immigrants, legal immigrants. In a time of
radical politics, Democrats yearn for illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is not the answer. When
people enter this alluring nation illegally, it becomes onerous to identify who those people are. Thus,
crime proliferates, drugs reach every avenue of our country, and American lives are lost. Recently, the
Biden administration attempted to excise Title 42, which prohibited the immigration of people into
America as a result of COVID-19. However, the Supreme Court of the United States propitiously kept the
law in place. Removal of Title 42 would infelicitously exacerbate the crisis in our southern border. The
Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas depicted, “EL Paso is a place where, of course,
we’ve seen an acute challenge”. Acute challenge?

I believe to refer to the profusion of mass illegal immigration as acute, is a complete understatement. Politico reports that since Biden’s inauguration, more than 100,000 Americans have been killed as a result of fentanyl consumption. In accordance, Politico conveyed that the grievous cartels earn more than $6 million, simply by smuggling migrants into the United States. Amongst all, 4 million illegal immigrants have crossed into our wide-open southern border since Biden entered the Oval Office. Think of our border as a football player attempting to reach the end zone, going up against an administration that moves out of the player’s way, enabling the player to reach the end zone, and winning the game. The biggest winners of this disaster are the cartels and the terrorists who seek to virulently harm the United States. The biggest losers are American citizens, specifically in border states, that have to live in trepidation, as a direct consequence of the Biden administration’s refusal to secure our border. To leave the border wide open is to sentence Americans into decay and ultimately, death.

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Anthony Gonzalez

President of the conservative club at my high school, author for American Thinker, Blabber Buzz, and CDN. Unapologetically conservative.

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  1. Well written with good points. But until the left wing mainstream TV media and online media learn to practice objective journalism whereby they actually seek and report the truth rather than serve as a public relations arm for Biden and the liberals, nothing will change. They can’t even recognize their own bias. Citizens in our great country unfortunately prefer to live in a bubble with blinders on as well. There’s little to no intellectual curiosity about the important issues facing the US or desire to actually spend time thinking about and discussing them, especially parents with their teens, which is an age when an interest in politics and government should be encouraged. Democrats especially view the issues as a team sport and if you’re not on their team with your viewpoints they shut you down or even cancel you, and label you a threat to democracy – not seeing how their oppression of dissenting views are the true threat to democracy. Parents, teach your teens to consider all sides of an issue, to weigh both sides of an argument. Teach them to debate. Teach them to listen to both liberal and conservative news sources so they can better assess what the actual truth is. And somehow the leftist media need to be challenged and held accountable, or we’re going to end up in a dictatorship run by such “Progressives.”.

    1. Most News is no longer news ex: CBS Mornings is all music stars and celebrities NO NEWS at all now. Today we re-heard again same as for last week about Harry’s book WHO GIVES A SHI* about that royal pain in the neck? Gail King wasted about 15 minutes show what a crap shi* singer she is and her crew that is coaching her on to do it???? I watch News Max and OAN for real news but even that is limited… Can you beleive she makes 16 M a year doing that crappy show??? Until we get the media and the courts and FBI back to nonbiased reporting we are sunk.

      1. This is why I read news instead of watching it. The 30-second rotating news thing is shallow. It never digs into the story enough. It’s all biased so I quit messing with it years ago and now read what I want (all sides) and determine for myself what “the truth” is.

  2. Biden continues to LIE to the country and the media is right there protecting him again!!! The border is a complete and absolute LIE, Joe! Classified documents known about by Dems for a year and they have the balls to go after Trump?? NOW its Joe’s turn Do the Dem’s think the citizens of this country are that stupid they can try to continue to lie and cover up? Those days are over now!

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