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America In The Age Of Stupidity: My Personal Stupidity Topics

We all have things that we just do not understand why they even exist. Something that we see or hear and wonder doesn’t anyone else think they are just plain stupid? Well, these are 2 of mine, I’m sure you have your own.

Throughout history, we have gone through different ages, The Ice Age, The Gilded Age, and The Industrial Age. Now We Are Living In The Stupid Age, Where Reality, Truth, And Common Sense Don’t Exist.

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  1. He forgot tattoos – especially face/neck tats. If I need to expound on how nasty a face/neck tat really is & how it makes one look, then we’re beyond redemption.

    1. You’re right, Sorry I missed that, but there are so many stupid things going on these days that it’s hard to keep track.

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