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Mitch McConnell Transformed The Senate GOP Into A Wishing Well For Democrats


As if it were not painful enough for Republicans to watch the vaunted Red Wave merely ripple across their ankles, they now must endure 2022’s final insult: A Red Wave of deficit spending courtesy of lame-duck House Democrats, triumphant Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York and his hillbilly rent boy, Senate GOP “Leader” Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Fiscal responsibility be damned, Democrats are riding one whale of an omnibus spending bill. The $1.7 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023, washed in on Dec. 19 at 11:48 p.m.

Its 4,155 pages are thrice as long as Leo Tolstoy’s classic doorstop, “War and Peace.” This averages $409,145,607.70 per page. Taxpayers should be seasick.

The omnibus’ 3,213 Democrat earmarks include “federal funds for LGBTQ+ museums in New York, community spaces for gender-expansive people in Ohio,” the Club for Growth discovered, “and $3.5 million to fund the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in Congress.”

It also allocates:

  • $300,000 for a “Continuous Plankton Recorder survey.”
  • $3 million for bee-friendly highways.
  • $3.6 million for the “Michelle Obama Trail” in Georgia.
  • $212.1 million available for federal prosecutions related to January 6 — essentially an anti-Trump slush fund.
  • $410 million for “enhanced border security” — in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia.
  • $575 million for family planning “in areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species.”
  • $1,563,143,000 for “border management requirements” that shall not “be used to acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology and capabilities.” So, $0 to stop illegal-alien invaders but $1.56 billion to “process” and rush them into the homeland.

Want border security? Move to Egypt.

Even worse, the omnibus runs through Fiscal Year 2023. The American people just gave Republicans a House majority of 222 versus Nancy Pelosi’s 218. But the omnibus snatches the GOP’s power of the purse until Oct. 1!

Voters hired a Republican House to tell President Joe Biden: “No DHS money until you seal the border. No HHS funds until you demand China’s answers on COVID-19’s origins. No Pentagon budget until it stops its newfangled, gender-bending ways. No FBI outlays until it sings about pressuring Twitter to censor the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story.”

McConnell is helping Democrats castrate House Republicans for 10 months. If they took control on say, Aug. 1, waiting two months might be tolerable. But they take the gavel 13 days from this writing!

Jan. 3 is two Tuesdays hence, just 48 hours after the Times Square ball drop. The Revolutionary Army is at Yorktown’s city limits, and McConnell is surrendering to General Cornwallis.


Even worse, this is anti-democratic.

Democrats screamed all fall about “democracy!” Now — along with their jumped-up bootblack, McConnell — they grind the popular will into the garbage disposal. Rather than scream, “Bloody murder!” McConnell laughs with Democrats as the Republican House’s fiscal-restraint tools slide into the sewer for half of its two-year mandate.

McConnell could’ve lead 40 other GOP senators, filibustered this trash and demanded a short-term continuing resolution until the GOP House arrives. But that would’ve took courage. (RELATED: House Sends $1.7 Trillion Spending Package To Biden’s Desk)

A half-eaten plate of calamari could lead the Senate GOP more valiantly than the live squid who now fails this duty. As McConnell gurgled in a floor speech on Monday: “The Senate should pass this bill.”

McConnell has turned the Senate GOP minority into the Make a Wish Foundation for Democrats. From helping to raise the national debt limit twice (in exchange for nothing), pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, and adopt the $52 billion CHIPS corporate-welfare extravaganza, McConnell repeatedly recruits enough gelatinous Republicans to help Democrat dreams come true.

McConnell rarely gets anything in return. When he trades horses, Schumer scores two stallions and McConnell wins a wheelbarrow of fertilizer.

This is revolting, repugnant and reprehensible.

And, as 2024 approaches, this fiasco will convince the already demoralized GOP base that there really is no point in knocking on doors, manning phone banks, or voting Republican.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor. Michael Malarkey contributed research to the opinion piece.

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One Comment

  1. The 4,000 plus page 1.7 TRILLION Omnibus spending bill is a ridiculous pork filled atrocity that continues the out of control government money printing that is causing inflation and bankrupting Americans. Worse is that McConnell and 11 other RINO Republican Senators are all in. It’s abhorrent and disgusting. Billions more for our now “woke” military that can’t even meet 70% of its recruiting goals because they are busy teaching recruits CRT and flying “rainbow flags” and painting “rainbow bullets” on Marine helmets in recruiting ads.

    The politicians all wave their Ukrainian flags and send 47 billion more to add to the 100 billion taxpayer dollars we have already sent to protect Ukraine’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity”. Sent to the corrupt Dictator who has shut down all except state controlled media, has closed all Ukrainian Christian churches and jailed priests. All while the government oligarchs are buying mansions in Switzerland (with our money) and Zelenskyy’s wife is on a shopping spree in Paris and he gets a hero’s welcome as he extorts more money from Congress. And, oh yeah, never mind that we have exactly ZERO sovereignty here with a completely open border that lets in millions of unvaccinated illegals; including criminals, cartels, terrorists (over 90 caught so far) and the Chinese made fentanyl that has killed way more of our citizens than have died in Ukraine. Nothing in the bill for our “sovereignty” or to protect our border.

    There’s lots more like funding for LGBQT museums, millions for climate change research including “Grid resilience and equity in Energy Transition”, and money for the Underground Railroad museum and, of course, The Michelle Obama Trail and on and on and on. It’s disgusting that our government cares more about illegals, Ukrainians, and “woke” projects than it cares about its own citizens.

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